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Compact schedules (1)07/02/2017

34: 21/08/2017...25/08/2017 - Monday - 21/08/2017
Form-AForm-AGPrinciples of MathematicsBoat MaintenanceSeamanshipNursing of People at Different AgesDrawing by Hand  
Form-BForm-BGExpressive TechniquePsychologyAutomatic Data ProcessingFoundations of Nursing    
Form-CForm-CGGildingHuman Resource ManagementStructures of Wood    
G101G101GStaticsOral CommunicationSocial Welfare Law      
G102G102GTextile DesignBasics of Computer EnglishLayout PlanningElectrical MachinesOblications Law    
G103G103G Mechanical DrawingMarketing in Internet Problem Solving  
G104G104G Adult EducationTeaching and LeadershipMathematics of FinanceFrench for Beginners IPackaging Technology  
G105G105G  Typography DesignIntoxicants and DependenceBuilding Technology Project  
G106G106GShips and Cargo HandlingCorporate IdentityDesign ManagementDramapedagogics  
G107G107GSocial WelfareHardware PurchasesGeodetic MeasurementsIntroduction to Spreadsheets    
LineALineAG  Rescue TechnologyBasics of TourismBasic French 
LineBLineBGEmission MeasurementsAdvanced EnglishComputer Aided Pattern Technique    
LineCLineCG   Building ConstructionsPerioperative Nursing 
LineDLineDG Business TaxationIntensive Care WorkResearch MethodologyTimber Trade   
LineELineEGMathematics II European StudiesProcess Control Systems  
LineFLineFGRussian for Businessmen IProduct SemanticsElectronic Circuits  
LineGLineGGPurchasing and SubcontractingIntroduction to StatisticsLabour LawModern Finnish UsageMeetings and Negotiations in German 
LineHLineHG  Basics of LogisticsItalian for Beginners IBusiness EconomicsElectrical Materials 
LineILineIG   Wood ProcessingPlanning of Renovation    
LineJLineJG   Wood ProcessingPlanning of Renovation    
ALVARADOA. AlvaradoLMathematics II  Planning of Renovation    
BOWERSC. BowersL    Italian for Beginners IDramapedagogics  
BRIGHTT. BrightLPrinciples of MathematicsBasics of LogisticsBasics of Tourism     
BRITTR. BrittLTextile Design         
BRYANL. BryanL     Basic French 
BURGESSM. BurgessLRussian for Businessmen IMathematics of Finance      
BURNSD. BurnsL          
BUTLERS. ButlerL   SeamanshipStructures of Wood    
CARNEYG. CarneyL  Corporate Identity      
CASTILLOB. CastilloLStaticsMechanical DrawingLayout Planning      
CHAPMANS. ChapmanL   Wood ProcessingTimber Trade   
CHRISTIANJ. ChristianLPurchasing and SubcontractingBusiness Taxation        
DAUGHERTYD. DaughertyL    Foundations of NursingPerioperative Nursing 
DAWSONB. DawsonL PsychologyRescue Technology      
DURANP. DuranLSocial WelfareAdult Education        
FRANCOD. FrancoL   Research MethodologyComputer Aided Pattern Technique    
GARNERM. GarnerL    French for Beginners I     
GAYD. GayL     Packaging Technology  
HAHNJ. HahnL      Meetings and Negotiations in German 
HARVEYT. HarveyLMathematics IIIntoxicants and DependenceNursing of People at Different Ages    
HERRINGD. HerringL  Intensive Care Work       
HOLLOWAYF. HollowayLGildingOral CommunicationAdvanced English     
HUTCHINSONA. HutchinsonLRussian for Businessmen I       
HYDEA. HydeL  Labour LawGeodetic MeasurementsBuilding Technology Project  
JENKINSL. JenkinsL Hardware PurchasesSocial Welfare LawEuropean StudiesOblications LawProblem Solving  
JOHNSC. JohnsL  Teaching and LeadershipModern Finnish Usage    
KEITHC. KeithL  Typography Design       
KINNEYG. KinneyLShips and Cargo HandlingBoat Maintenance       
LEBLANCF. LeblancL   Product Semantics    
LESTERE. LesterL      Meetings and Negotiations in German 
MANNK. MannL   Intoxicants and Dependence      
MASONN. MasonL   Marketing in Internet     
MEDINAR. MedinaL    Electrical Machines     
MURRAYD. MurrayL Basics of Computer English       
PHELPSV. PhelpsL    Design Management    
RIGGSA. RiggsL          
ROWLANDA. RowlandL      Electronic Circuits  
SEXTONC. SextonL          
SIMPSONA. SimpsonL   Building Constructions    
SPEARSS. SpearsL          
SUMMERSK. SummersL      Drawing by Hand  
SWEETM. SweetL Introduction to StatisticsAutomatic Data ProcessingIntroduction to Spreadsheets    
TALLEYD. TalleyL    Electrical MachinesProcess Control SystemsElectrical Materials 
WEBBN. WebbL     Planning of RenovationBusiness Economics  
WEEKSW. WeeksL          
WEISSH. WeissLEmission Measurements       
WILLIAMA. WilliamL Human Resource ManagementFrench for Beginners I     
WONGR. WongL          
WYATTE. WyattLExpressive Technique         
R111ROOM 111R Psychology Wood Processing Packaging Technology  
R112ROOM 112RRussian for Businessmen IIntoxicants and DependenceItalian for Beginners IMeetings and Negotiations in German 
R202ROOM 202R Hardware PurchasesSocial Welfare LawEuropean StudiesOblications LawProblem Solving  
R203ROOM 203RStaticsMechanical DrawingLayout Planning      
R204ROOM 204R   SeamanshipStructures of Wood    
R205ROOM 205R Basics of Computer English       
R206ROOM 206RMathematics IIIntoxicants and Dependence  Meetings and Negotiations in German 
R230ROOM 230R   Research MethodologyPlanning of Renovation  Electrical Materials 
R233ROOM 233RExpressive Technique   Electrical MachinesComputer Aided Pattern Technique    
R234ROOM 234R Human Resource Management      
R235ROOM 235R  Labour LawGeodetic MeasurementsBuilding Technology Project  
R236ROOM 236R   Product Semantics    
R237ROOM 237R    Wood ProcessingProcess Control Systems  
R238ROOM 238R   Mathematics of Finance      
R239ROOM 239R      Electronic Circuits  
R241ROOM 241RRussian for Businessmen I       
R242ROOM 242RTextile Design         
R246ROOM 246REmission Measurements       
R247ROOM 247R  Intensive Care Work       
R248ROOM 248RMathematics II Design Management    
R302ROOM 302R  Rescue TechnologyElectrical Machines Dramapedagogics  
R303ROOM 303R  Teaching and LeadershipModern Finnish Usage    
R304ROOM 304R    Nursing of People at Different AgesBusiness Economics  
R305ROOM 305RPurchasing and SubcontractingBusiness Taxation        
R306ROOM 306R     Timber Trade   
R307ROOM 307R    French for Beginners IBasic French 
R308ROOM 308R   Building ConstructionsPerioperative Nursing 
R309ROOM 309RPrinciples of MathematicsBasics of LogisticsBasics of Tourism     
R311ROOM 311R  Automatic Data ProcessingFrench for Beginners I     
R312ROOM 312R  Corporate Identity      
R320ROOM 320R  Typography Design       
R328ROOM 328RGildingOral CommunicationAdvanced English     
R329ROOM 329RShips and Cargo HandlingBoat Maintenance       
R330ROOM 330R   Marketing in Internet     
R331ROOM 331R    Foundations of NursingDrawing by Hand  
R332ROOM 332R Introduction to Statistics  Introduction to Spreadsheets    
R333ROOM 333R          
R334ROOM 334R          
R335ROOM 335RSocial WelfareAdult Education        

34: 21/08/2017...25/08/2017 - Tuesday - 22/08/2017
Form-AForm-AGPrinciples of MathematicsSeamanshipDrawing by HandNursing of People at Different Ages   
Form-BForm-BGPsychologyForest InventoryAutomatic Data ProcessingExpressive TechniqueContract LawExpressive Technique  
Form-CForm-CGPhysiology of ClothingDiabilityHuman Resource ManagementPractical Training IStructures of Wood Modelling and Moulding 
G101G101GProbation and AftercareSocial Welfare LawWater Quality  
G102G102G  Textile DesignComputer Science IIOblications Law  
G103G103G  Marketing in InternetMechanical DrawingQuality Management
G104G104GMathematics of FinanceObject-Oriented ProgrammingTeaching and LeadershipMedia and NetworksModelling and Moulding 
G105G105G    Presentation SkillsTypography Design 
G106G106GBusiness SimulationsChromaticsLeadership    
G107G107GEveryday EnglishSocial WelfareIntroduction to SpreadsheetsEveryday English   
LineALineAGEveryday EnglishComputing Environment Everyday English Modelling and Moulding 
LineBLineBG  JournalismAdvanced EnglishJournalismPracticals of Forestry Modelling and Moulding 
LineCLineCGEnergy TechnologyPerioperative NursingTransport SystemsErgonomics  
LineDLineDGHistory of CultureProducing Internet and WWW PagesBusiness Taxation   
LineELineEG  Electronic ComponentsBasics of Sailing  
LineFLineFGProduct SemanticsElectronic Circuits   
LineGLineGGLabour LawClinical PharmacologyModern Finnish Usage     
LineHLineHG Basics of LogisticsInternational EconomicsGerman StructureRecreation Sports  
LineILineIGMedical and Surgical Nursing Wood ProcessingRemote Sensing   
LineJLineJGMedical and Surgical Nursing Wood ProcessingRemote Sensing   
ALVARADOA. AlvaradoL          
BOWERSC. BowersLEveryday EnglishComputing Environment Everyday English   
BRIGHTT. BrightLPrinciples of MathematicsBasics of Logistics       
BRITTR. BrittLPhysiology of ClothingTextile Design       
BRYANL. BryanLProbation and Aftercare       
BURGESSM. BurgessLMathematics of Finance       
BURNSD. BurnsL          
BUTLERS. ButlerL SeamanshipTransport SystemsStructures of Wood   
CARNEYG. CarneyL    Presentation SkillsMedia and Networks  
CASTILLOB. CastilloL     Mechanical Drawing   
CHAPMANS. ChapmanL  Forest InventoryWood ProcessingRemote Sensing   
CHRISTIANJ. ChristianLBusiness Simulations  Business TaxationQuality Management
DAUGHERTYD. DaughertyLMedical and Surgical NursingPerioperative Nursing       
DAWSONB. DawsonLPsychologyClinical Pharmacology       
DURANP. DuranL  DiabilitySocial Welfare      
FRANCOD. FrancoL          
GARNERM. GarnerL        Modelling and Moulding 
GAYD. GayL    Leadership    
HAHNJ. HahnLEveryday EnglishInternational Economics  Everyday English   
HARVEYT. HarveyL     Nursing of People at Different Ages   
HERRINGD. HerringL    German Structure    
HOLLOWAYF. HollowayL   Advanced English     
HUTCHINSONA. HutchinsonL   International Economics      
HYDEA. HydeLLabour Law        
JENKINSL. JenkinsL   Social Welfare LawOblications Law  
JOHNSC. JohnsL   Modern Finnish UsageTeaching and LeadershipRecreation Sports  
KEITHC. KeithL      Typography Design 
KINNEYG. KinneyL     Basics of Sailing  
LEBLANCF. LeblancLProduct SemanticsErgonomics  
LESTERE. LesterL        Modelling and Moulding 
MANNK. MannL    German Structure    
MASONN. MasonL  Marketing in Internet     
MEDINAR. MedinaL   Object-Oriented Programming     
MURRAYD. MurrayL   Producing Internet and WWW Pages     
PHELPSV. PhelpsL    Practical Training I     
RIGGSA. RiggsL          
ROWLANDA. RowlandL  Electronic ComponentsElectronic Circuits   
SEXTONC. SextonL          
SIMPSONA. SimpsonLProbation and Aftercare       
SPEARSS. SpearsLHistory of CultureChromaticsLeadership    
SUMMERSK. SummersL  JournalismDrawing by HandJournalism    
SWEETM. SweetL   Automatic Data ProcessingIntroduction to SpreadsheetsContract Law   
TALLEYD. TalleyLEnergy Technology        
WEBBN. WebbL          
WEEKSW. WeeksL          
WEISSH. WeissL     Water Quality  
WILLIAMA. WilliamL   Human Resource Management      
WONGR. WongL   Computer Science II     
WYATTE. WyattL    Expressive TechniquePracticals of ForestryExpressive Technique  
R111ROOM 111R    Leadership    
R112ROOM 112REveryday English   Everyday English   
R202ROOM 202R   Social Welfare LawOblications Law  
R203ROOM 203R     Mechanical Drawing Modelling and Moulding 
R204ROOM 204R  Journalism  JournalismStructures of Wood   
R205ROOM 205RPsychology Wood Processing      
R206ROOM 206REveryday English German StructureEveryday English   
R230ROOM 230REnergy Technology      Modelling and Moulding 
R233ROOM 233R   International EconomicsExpressive TechniquePracticals of ForestryExpressive Technique  
R234ROOM 234R SeamanshipHuman Resource ManagementRemote Sensing   
R235ROOM 235RLabour Law   Structures of Wood    
R236ROOM 236RProduct SemanticsErgonomics  
R237ROOM 237R  Forest Inventory       
R238ROOM 238RMathematics of FinanceObject-Oriented Programming     
R239ROOM 239R  Electronic ComponentsElectronic Circuits   
R241ROOM 241R   International EconomicsPractical Training I     
R242ROOM 242RPhysiology of ClothingTextile Design       
R246ROOM 246RHistory of CultureChromatics      
R247ROOM 247RMedical and Surgical Nursing Producing Internet and WWW Pages     
R248ROOM 248RProbation and Aftercare       
R302ROOM 302R   Computing Environment     
R303ROOM 303R   Modern Finnish UsageTeaching and LeadershipRecreation Sports  
R304ROOM 304R   Transport SystemsNursing of People at Different Ages   
R305ROOM 305RBusiness Simulations  Business TaxationQuality Management
R306ROOM 306R  Clinical Pharmacology       
R307ROOM 307RProbation and Aftercare German Structure    
R308ROOM 308R  Perioperative Nursing       
R309ROOM 309RPrinciples of MathematicsBasics of Logistics       
R311ROOM 311R   Automatic Data ProcessingLeadership    
R312ROOM 312R    Presentation SkillsMedia and Networks  
R320ROOM 320R      Typography Design 
R328ROOM 328R   Advanced English     
R329ROOM 329R     Basics of Sailing  
R330ROOM 330R  Marketing in InternetWater Quality  
R331ROOM 331R   Drawing by Hand     
R332ROOM 332R    Introduction to SpreadsheetsContract Law   
R333ROOM 333R          
R334ROOM 334R   Computer Science II     
R335ROOM 335R  DiabilitySocial Welfare      

34: 21/08/2017...25/08/2017 - Wednesday - 23/08/2017
Form-AForm-AGPrinciples of MathematicsEngineering IINursing of People at Different AgesSeamanship   
Form-BForm-BGPsychologyFoundations of NursingForest InventoryFoundations of Nursing    
Form-CForm-CGCompositionStructures of WoodDiability  
G101G101G  StaticsSocial Welfare LawWater QualityOral Communication 
G102G102G  Computer Science IIInventory and WarehousingElectrical Machines   
G103G103G   Exhibition DesignProblem SolvingSteam Boiler Automation 
G104G104G    Teaching and LeadershipAdult EducationPackaging TechnologyFrench for Beginners I
G105G105G   Tool TechnologyInternational TransportsBasics of InternetIntoxicants and Dependence 
G106G106G LeadershipChromaticsCorporate Identity   
G107G107G Geodetic MeasurementsSocial WelfareMarketing Planning   
LineALineAG   Rescue TechnologyBasics of Tourism    
LineBLineBGComputer Aided Pattern TechniqueAdvanced EnglishBasic of Logistics   
LineCLineCG  Transport SystemsSound and Light DesignBuilding Constructions  
LineDLineDG  Business Basics in GermanProducing Internet and WWW PagesIntensive Care WorkBusiness Taxation  
LineELineEGEuropean StudiesManufacturing OperationsWritten CommunicationRecycling of Materials 
LineFLineFG  Product SemanticsRussian for Businessmen IElectronic CircuitsProduct Semantics  
LineGLineGG  Clinical PharmacologyModern Finnish UsageMeetings and Negotiations in German     
LineHLineHG   Basics of LogisticsEveryday FrenchForest Soil Science 
LineILineIG Wood ProcessingExtension Course in Statistics     
LineJLineJG Wood ProcessingExtension Course in Statistics     
ALVARADOA. AlvaradoL          
BOWERSC. BowersL          
BRIGHTT. BrightLPrinciples of MathematicsBasics of LogisticsBasics of Tourism    
BRITTR. BrittL          
BRYANL. BryanL          
BURGESSM. BurgessL   Russian for Businessmen I      
BURNSD. BurnsL          
BUTLERS. ButlerL  Transport SystemsStructures of WoodSeamanshipForest Soil Science 
CARNEYG. CarneyL     Corporate Identity   
CASTILLOB. CastilloL  StaticsTool Technology      
CHAPMANS. ChapmanL Wood ProcessingForest Inventory     
CHRISTIANJ. ChristianL      Business Taxation  
DAUGHERTYD. DaughertyL  Foundations of NursingExtension Course in StatisticsFoundations of Nursing    
DAWSONB. DawsonLPsychologyClinical PharmacologyRescue Technology     
DURANP. DuranL  Social WelfareAdult EducationDiability  
FRANCOD. FrancoLComputer Aided Pattern Technique        
GARNERM. GarnerL       French for Beginners I
GAYD. GayL LeadershipInventory and WarehousingPackaging Technology   
HAHNJ. HahnL    Meetings and Negotiations in German     
HARVEYT. HarveyL    Nursing of People at Different Ages Intoxicants and Dependence 
HERRINGD. HerringL     Intensive Care Work    
HOLLOWAYF. HollowayL  Advanced EnglishWritten CommunicationOral Communication 
HUTCHINSONA. HutchinsonL   Russian for Businessmen I      
HYDEA. HydeL Geodetic Measurements        
JENKINSL. JenkinsLEuropean StudiesSocial Welfare Law Problem Solving   
JOHNSC. JohnsL   Modern Finnish UsageTeaching and LeadershipBasics of Internet   
KEITHC. KeithL          
KINNEYG. KinneyL    International TransportsMarketing Planning   
LEBLANCF. LeblancL  Product SemanticsExhibition DesignProduct Semantics  
LESTERE. LesterL    Meetings and Negotiations in German     
MANNK. MannL  Business Basics in German  Everyday FrenchIntoxicants and Dependence 
MASONN. MasonL          
MEDINAR. MedinaL      Electrical Machines   
MURRAYD. MurrayL   Producing Internet and WWW Pages     
PHELPSV. PhelpsL          
RIGGSA. RiggsL          
ROWLANDA. RowlandL    Electronic CircuitsEveryday French   
SEXTONC. SextonL          
SIMPSONA. SimpsonL   Manufacturing OperationsBuilding Constructions  
SPEARSS. SpearsL LeadershipChromatics     
SUMMERSK. SummersLCompositionSound and Light Design     
SWEETM. SweetL          
TALLEYD. TalleyL      Electrical MachinesSteam Boiler Automation 
WEBBN. WebbL   Engineering II      
WEEKSW. WeeksL     Basic of Logistics   
WEISSH. WeissL    Water QualityRecycling of Materials 
WILLIAMA. WilliamL       French for Beginners I
WONGR. WongL  Computer Science II       
WYATTE. WyattL  Business Basics in German       
R111ROOM 111R LeadershipInventory and WarehousingPackaging Technology   
R112ROOM 112R  Business Basics in GermanRussian for Businessmen IMeetings and Negotiations in GermanEveryday FrenchIntoxicants and Dependence 
R202ROOM 202REuropean StudiesSocial Welfare Law Problem Solving   
R203ROOM 203R  StaticsTool TechnologySound and Light Design     
R204ROOM 204R   Extension Course in StatisticsStructures of Wood    
R205ROOM 205RPsychology     Forest Soil Science 
R206ROOM 206R    Meetings and Negotiations in German  Intoxicants and Dependence 
R230ROOM 230RComposition      
R233ROOM 233RComputer Aided Pattern TechniqueTransport Systems  Electrical Machines   
R234ROOM 234R     Basic of Logistics   
R235ROOM 235R Geodetic Measurements        
R236ROOM 236R  Product SemanticsExhibition DesignProduct Semantics  
R237ROOM 237R Wood ProcessingForest Inventory     
R238ROOM 238R      Seamanship   
R239ROOM 239R    Electronic Circuits     
R241ROOM 241R   Russian for Businessmen I      
R242ROOM 242R          
R246ROOM 246R   Chromatics     
R247ROOM 247R   Producing Internet and WWW PagesIntensive Care Work    
R248ROOM 248R   Manufacturing Operations     
R302ROOM 302R   Rescue Technology Electrical Machines   
R303ROOM 303R   Modern Finnish UsageTeaching and LeadershipBasics of Internet   
R304ROOM 304R   Engineering IINursing of People at Different Ages    
R305ROOM 305R      Business Taxation  
R306ROOM 306R  Clinical Pharmacology       
R307ROOM 307R  Business Basics in German Structures of WoodEveryday FrenchFrench for Beginners I
R308ROOM 308R     Building Constructions  
R309ROOM 309RPrinciples of MathematicsBasics of LogisticsBasics of Tourism    
R311ROOM 311R Leadership    French for Beginners I
R312ROOM 312R     Corporate IdentityRecycling of Materials 
R320ROOM 320R          
R328ROOM 328R  Advanced EnglishWritten CommunicationOral Communication 
R329ROOM 329R    International TransportsMarketing Planning   
R330ROOM 330R    Water Quality   
R331ROOM 331R  Foundations of Nursing  Foundations of Nursing    
R332ROOM 332R          
R333ROOM 333R       Steam Boiler Automation 
R334ROOM 334R  Computer Science II       
R335ROOM 335R  Social WelfareAdult EducationDiability  

34: 21/08/2017...25/08/2017 - Thursday - 24/08/2017
Form-AForm-AG   Engineering IIDrawing by HandSeamanship   
Form-BForm-BGExpressive TechniqueFoundations of NursingForest InventorySimulation TechniquesYouth Education and Guidance  
Form-CForm-CG  CompositionSwedish for Marketing   
G101G101GOral CommunicationValue Bucking       
G102G102GInventory and WarehousingComputer Science IIBasics of Computer English   
G103G103G Quality ManagementMarketing in InternetExhibition Design  
G104G104G Object-Oriented ProgrammingMedia and Networks     
G105G105G RoboticsTool TechnologyBasics of Internet  
G106G106GBusiness SimulationsValue BuckingDesign ManagementCorporate Identity   
G107G107G Hardware PurchasesSocial WelfareMarketing PlanningProduction Technology   
LineALineAG    Basics of TourismComputing Environment
LineBLineBGJournalismAdvanced EnglishEmission Measurements  
LineCLineCG   Transport SystemsSound and Light DesignEnergy Technology  
LineDLineDGResearch MethodologyBusiness Basics in GermanProducing Internet and WWW PagesIntensive Care Work   
LineELineEGElectronic ComponentsWritten Communication        
LineFLineFGFinnish, LiteratureCompany LawCampaign Graphics  
LineGLineGGIntroduction to StatisticsClinical PharmacologyLabour Law   
LineHLineHG  Basics of LogisticsBusiness EconomicsItalian for Beginners IElectrical Materials
LineILineIGMedical and Surgical NursingWood ProcessingExtension Course in StatisticsMulti-Cultural Work    
LineJLineJGMedical and Surgical NursingWood ProcessingExtension Course in StatisticsMulti-Cultural Work    
ALVARADOA. AlvaradoL          
BOWERSC. BowersL      Italian for Beginners IComputing Environment
BRIGHTT. BrightL  Basics of LogisticsBasics of Tourism  
BRITTR. BrittL    Swedish for Marketing   
BRYANL. BryanLFinnish, Literature       
BURGESSM. BurgessL   Company Law     
BURNSD. BurnsL          
BUTLERS. ButlerL   Transport SystemsSeamanship   
CARNEYG. CarneyL   Media and NetworksCorporate Identity   
CASTILLOB. CastilloL   Tool TechnologyProduction Technology   
CHAPMANS. ChapmanL  Wood ProcessingForest Inventory     
CHRISTIANJ. ChristianLBusiness SimulationsQuality Management        
DAUGHERTYD. DaughertyLMedical and Surgical NursingFoundations of NursingExtension Course in Statistics      
DAWSONB. DawsonL  Clinical Pharmacology     
DURANP. DuranL   Social Welfare      
FRANCOD. FrancoLResearch Methodology        
GARNERM. GarnerL          
GAYD. GayLInventory and Warehousing       
HAHNJ. HahnL    Multi-Cultural WorkYouth Education and Guidance  
HARVEYT. HarveyL          
HERRINGD. HerringL     Intensive Care Work   
HOLLOWAYF. HollowayLOral CommunicationWritten CommunicationAdvanced EnglishSimulation Techniques    
HUTCHINSONA. HutchinsonL          
HYDEA. HydeL     Labour Law   
JENKINSL. JenkinsL Hardware Purchases       
JOHNSC. JohnsL      Basics of Internet  
KEITHC. KeithL     Campaign Graphics  
KINNEYG. KinneyL    Marketing Planning    
LEBLANCF. LeblancL       Exhibition Design  
LESTERE. LesterL          
MANNK. MannL  Business Basics in German       
MASONN. MasonL  Marketing in Internet   
MEDINAR. MedinaL Object-Oriented Programming       
MURRAYD. MurrayL   Producing Internet and WWW PagesBasics of Computer English   
PHELPSV. PhelpsL   Design Management     
RIGGSA. RiggsL Value Bucking       
ROWLANDA. RowlandLElectronic Components         
SEXTONC. SextonL          
SIMPSONA. SimpsonL          
SPEARSS. SpearsL          
SUMMERSK. SummersLJournalismCompositionDrawing by HandSound and Light Design    
SWEETM. SweetLIntroduction to Statistics        
TALLEYD. TalleyL      Energy TechnologyElectrical Materials
WEBBN. WebbL   Engineering IIBusiness Economics    
WEEKSW. WeeksL    Multi-Cultural WorkYouth Education and Guidance  
WEISSH. WeissL     Emission Measurements  
WILLIAMA. WilliamL    Swedish for Marketing   
WONGR. WongL RoboticsComputer Science II     
WYATTE. WyattLExpressive TechniqueBusiness Basics in German       
R111ROOM 111RInventory and Warehousing  Sound and Light Design    
R112ROOM 112R  Business Basics in German   Italian for Beginners I  
R202ROOM 202R Hardware Purchases  Seamanship    
R203ROOM 203R Medical and Surgical Nursing Tool TechnologyProduction Technology   
R204ROOM 204RJournalism Extension Course in Statistics  Seamanship   
R205ROOM 205R     Basics of Computer English   
R206ROOM 206R    Multi-Cultural WorkYouth Education and Guidance  
R230ROOM 230RResearch MethodologyComposition  Energy TechnologyElectrical Materials
R233ROOM 233RExpressive TechniqueWood Processing       
R234ROOM 234R   Company Law     
R235ROOM 235R     Labour Law   
R236ROOM 236R   Transport Systems  Exhibition Design  
R237ROOM 237R   Forest Inventory     
R238ROOM 238R Object-Oriented Programming       
R239ROOM 239RElectronic Components         
R241ROOM 241R    Multi-Cultural WorkYouth Education and Guidance  
R242ROOM 242R          
R246ROOM 246R     Emission Measurements  
R247ROOM 247RMedical and Surgical NursingValue BuckingProducing Internet and WWW PagesIntensive Care Work   
R248ROOM 248R   Design Management     
R302ROOM 302R        Computing Environment
R303ROOM 303R      Basics of Internet  
R304ROOM 304R   Engineering IIBusiness Economics    
R305ROOM 305RBusiness SimulationsQuality Management        
R306ROOM 306R  Clinical Pharmacology     
R307ROOM 307R  Business Basics in German Swedish for Marketing   
R308ROOM 308R          
R309ROOM 309R  Basics of LogisticsBasics of Tourism  
R311ROOM 311R    Swedish for Marketing   
R312ROOM 312R   Media and NetworksCorporate Identity   
R320ROOM 320R     Campaign Graphics  
R328ROOM 328ROral CommunicationWritten CommunicationAdvanced EnglishSimulation Techniques    
R329ROOM 329R    Marketing Planning    
R330ROOM 330R  Marketing in Internet   
R331ROOM 331R  Foundations of Nursing Drawing by Hand     
R332ROOM 332RIntroduction to Statistics        
R333ROOM 333RFinnish, Literature       
R334ROOM 334R RoboticsComputer Science II     
R335ROOM 335R   Social Welfare      

34: 21/08/2017...25/08/2017 - Friday - 25/08/2017
Form-AForm-AGDrawing by HandSeamanshipBoat Maintenance    
Form-BForm-BGContract LawPsychologyFoundations of NursingForest InventoryAutomatic Data Processing     
Form-CForm-CGPractical Training IPhysiology of ClothingStructures of WoodMethods of the Aged  
G101G101G Water QualitySocial Welfare LawMeasurement and ControlPrinciples of Research Work 
G102G102G  Computer Science IILayout Planning  
G103G103G     Career PlanningMarketing in Internet  
G104G104GPackaging TechnologyStructural Mechanics   
G105G105G  International TransportsPresentation SkillsIntoxicants and DependenceMarketing ServicesVirtual SpaceCreative Writing
G106G106GShips and Cargo HandlingBusiness SimulationsChromatics    
G107G107GGeodetic MeasurementsIntroduction to SpreadsheetsProduction TechnologyHardware Purchases   
LineBLineBG Computer Aided Pattern TechniquePracticals of ForestryAdvanced EnglishBasic of Logistics   
LineCLineCGErgonomicsSound and Light DesignTransport Systems     
LineDLineDG   Producing Internet and WWW Pages   
LineELineEG Basics of SailingWritten CommunicationMathematics IIProcess Control SystemsElectronic ComponentsLegal System and Local Government 
LineFLineFG    Electronic CircuitsCampaign Graphics  
LineGLineGGPurchasing and SubcontractingIntroduction to StatisticsClinical PharmacologyModern Finnish UsageIntroduction to StatisticsLabour Law  
LineHLineHG     German StructureElectrical MaterialsBasics of Logistics
LineILineIGMedical and Surgical NursingRemote SensingExtension Course in Statistics    
LineJLineJGMedical and Surgical NursingRemote SensingExtension Course in Statistics    
ALVARADOA. AlvaradoL   Mathematics II      
BOWERSC. BowersL     Career PlanningVirtual Space  
BRIGHTT. BrightL        Basics of Logistics
BRITTR. BrittL   Physiology of Clothing     
BRYANL. BryanL          
BURGESSM. BurgessL          
BURNSD. BurnsL       Methods of the Aged  
BUTLERS. ButlerL SeamanshipTransport SystemsStructures of Wood   
CARNEYG. CarneyL   Presentation Skills      
CASTILLOB. CastilloL    Production TechnologyLayout Planning  
CHAPMANS. ChapmanL  Remote SensingForest Inventory      
CHRISTIANJ. ChristianLPurchasing and SubcontractingBusiness Simulations       
DAUGHERTYD. DaughertyLMedical and Surgical NursingFoundations of NursingExtension Course in Statistics    
DAWSONB. DawsonL PsychologyClinical Pharmacology       
DURANP. DuranL       Legal System and Local Government 
FRANCOD. FrancoL Computer Aided Pattern Technique        
GARNERM. GarnerL          
GAYD. GayLPackaging Technology        
HAHNJ. HahnL          
HARVEYT. HarveyL   Mathematics IIIntoxicants and DependenceMarketing Services    
HERRINGD. HerringL     German Structure   
HOLLOWAYF. HollowayL  Written CommunicationAdvanced English     
HUTCHINSONA. HutchinsonL        Creative Writing
HYDEA. HydeLGeodetic MeasurementsStructural MechanicsLabour Law  
JENKINSL. JenkinsL   Social Welfare LawHardware Purchases   
JOHNSC. JohnsL   Modern Finnish Usage     
KEITHC. KeithL     Campaign Graphics  
KINNEYG. KinneyLShips and Cargo HandlingBasics of SailingInternational TransportsBoat Maintenance    
LEBLANCF. LeblancLErgonomics         
LESTERE. LesterL          
MANNK. MannL    Intoxicants and DependenceGerman Structure   
MASONN. MasonL      Marketing in Internet  
MEDINAR. MedinaL          
MURRAYD. MurrayL   Producing Internet and WWW PagesPrinciples of Research Work 
PHELPSV. PhelpsLPractical Training I       
RIGGSA. RiggsL          
ROWLANDA. RowlandL    Electronic CircuitsElectronic Components   
SEXTONC. SextonL       Methods of the Aged  
SIMPSONA. SimpsonL          
SPEARSS. SpearsL   Chromatics    
SUMMERSK. SummersLDrawing by HandSound and Light Design       
SWEETM. SweetLContract LawIntroduction to StatisticsIntroduction to SpreadsheetsAutomatic Data ProcessingIntroduction to Statistics   
TALLEYD. TalleyL    Process Control SystemsMeasurement and ControlElectrical Materials  
WEBBN. WebbL          
WEEKSW. WeeksL     Basic of Logistics   
WEISSH. WeissL Water Quality       
WILLIAMA. WilliamL          
WONGR. WongL  Computer Science II     
WYATTE. WyattL  Practicals of Forestry       
R111ROOM 111RPackaging Technology   Structures of Wood    
R112ROOM 112R    Intoxicants and Dependence     
R202ROOM 202R SeamanshipSocial Welfare LawHardware Purchases   
R203ROOM 203RMedical and Surgical NursingSound and Light Design Production TechnologyLayout Planning  
R204ROOM 204R   Extension Course in StatisticsStructures of Wood   
R205ROOM 205R Psychology     Principles of Research Work 
R206ROOM 206R   Mathematics IIIntoxicants and DependenceGerman StructureMethods of the Aged  
R230ROOM 230R       Electrical Materials  
R233ROOM 233R Computer Aided Pattern TechniquePracticals of Forestry  Marketing Services    
R234ROOM 234R  Remote Sensing  Basic of Logistics   
R235ROOM 235RGeodetic MeasurementsStructural MechanicsLabour Law  
R236ROOM 236RErgonomics         
R237ROOM 237R   Forest InventoryProcess Control Systems   Creative Writing
R238ROOM 238R          
R239ROOM 239R    Electronic CircuitsElectronic Components   
R241ROOM 241RPractical Training I    Methods of the Aged  
R242ROOM 242R   Physiology of ClothingMeasurement and Control   
R246ROOM 246R   Chromatics    
R247ROOM 247R Medical and Surgical Nursing Producing Internet and WWW Pages   
R248ROOM 248R   Mathematics II      
R302ROOM 302R     Career PlanningVirtual Space  
R303ROOM 303R   Modern Finnish Usage     
R304ROOM 304R   Transport Systems     
R305ROOM 305RPurchasing and SubcontractingBusiness Simulations       
R306ROOM 306R  Clinical Pharmacology       
R307ROOM 307R     German Structure   
R308ROOM 308R          
R309ROOM 309R        Basics of Logistics
R311ROOM 311R    Automatic Data Processing     
R312ROOM 312R   Presentation Skills      
R320ROOM 320R     Campaign Graphics  
R328ROOM 328R  Written CommunicationAdvanced English     
R329ROOM 329RShips and Cargo HandlingBasics of SailingInternational TransportsBoat Maintenance    
R330ROOM 330R Water Quality   Marketing in Internet  
R331ROOM 331RDrawing by Hand Foundations of Nursing       
R332ROOM 332RContract LawIntroduction to StatisticsIntroduction to Spreadsheets Introduction to Statistics   
R333ROOM 333R          
R334ROOM 334R  Computer Science II     
R335ROOM 335R       Legal System and Local Government 

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