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Everyday English Transport and Insurance Laws Transport and Insurance Laws
Russian for Beginners Probation and Aftercare Planning of Renovation
Meetings and Negotiations in German Mathematics II German Structure
Follow-up Course in Russian Everyday French Specialised Project
Remote Sensing Intercultural Communication Electrical Materials
Circuit Analysis Wood and Steel Structures Tool Technology
Technical Documentation Teaching and Leadership Structural Mechanics
Research Methodology Psychiatric Nursing Programmable Logic Controllers
Presentation Skills Practical Training I Pneumatics
Physiology of Clothing Packaging Technology Optional Studies
Multiple Use of Forests Modern Finnish Usage Model Making Technologies
Media and Networks Medical and Surgical Nursing Mathematics of Finance
Marketing Planning Management Accounting Legal System and Local Government
Journalism Introduction to Statistics Introduction to Databases
Instrumentation Handmade Paper Gilding
Geotechnics French for Beginners Forest Soil Science
Forest Policy Ergonomics English for Economy and Finance
Electronic Components Docking Data Security
Data Communication Company Law Career Planning
Campaign Graphics Building Constructions Building Technology Project
Basics of Tourism Basics of Logistics Transport Systems
Seamanship Principles of Biodiversity Planning Project
Swedish for Marketing Russian for Businessmen I Practical Training
Italian for Beginners II Guidance of Open Social Care Business Basics in German
Advanced English Value Bucking Design Management
Criminal Policy Business Networking Business Economics
Basics of Philosophy Written Communication Timber Procurement
Timber Trade Timber Scaling Theory of Materials
Software Engineering Social Welfare Ships and Cargo Handling
Robotics Recycling of Materials Quality of Working
Process Control Systems Problem Solving Principles of Mathematics
Practical Work in Shaping Photography I Operations Research
Oblications Law Nursing of People at Different Ages Numerical Research
Municipal Administration Measurement and Control Marketing Project
Mapping Inventory and Warehousing Introduction to Business
Introduction to Spreadsheets International Transports Intensive Care Work
Foundations of Nursing Finnish, Literature European Studies
EU and Social Policy Energy Technology Emission Measurements
Electronic Circuits Dramapedagogics Corporate Identity
Clinical Pharmacology Chromatics Business Case Studies
Business Administration Boat Maintenance Basic English
Basics of Internet Automatics Art History
Adult Education Structures of Wood Psychology
Modelling and Moulding Intoxicants and Dependence International Economics
Introduction to Corporate Finance French for Beginners I Swedish
Intercultural Communication Extension Course in Statistics Computer Science I
Building Materials Wood Processing Virtual Space
Touch-Typing Tool Technology Systems Design
Steam Boiler Automation Statics Seminar
Rescue Technology Purchasing and Subcontracting Production Technology
Principles of Research Work Practicals of Forestry Photography II
Perioperative Nursing Outpatient Nursing Object-Oriented Programming
Mechanical Drawing Marketing in Internet Maritime Law
Labour Law International Law Human Resource Management
Hardware Purchases Graphical Design Graphics Design
Forest Inventory Family Law Expressive Technique
Event Marketing Diesel Technology Cultures and Organisations
Computer Science II Computer Aided Pattern Technique Computing Environment
Chemistry and Physics CAD/CAM Business Simulations
Business Taxation Basic of Logistics Basic French
Basics of Marketing Basics of Sailing Basics of Computer English
Basics in Computers Automatic Data Processing Audiovisual Media
Anatomy and Patophysiology Wood Technology Water Quality
Free choice
Multi-Cultural Work Youth Education and Guidance Methods of the Aged
Leadership Electrical Machines Advanced Spreadsheet in Business
Ship Systems Exhibition Design Engineering Materials
Concrete Technology Anatomy and Physics Web-media
Visual Culture Research Typography Design Thermodynamics
Textile Design Textile Research Social Welfare Law
Simulation Techniques Recreation Sports Quality Management
Producing Internet and WWW Pages Product Semantics Personal Tax Law
Pedagogics Oral Communication Object-Oriented Application Genrators
Navigation Advanced English Marketing Services
Manufacturing Operations Layout Planning Italian for Beginners I
International Markeging Information Logistics History of Art
History of Culture Glueing Technology Geodetic Measurements
First Aid Everyday German Engineering II
Drawing by Hand Digital Imaging Diability
Databases and SQL Creativity Technologies Creative Writing
Contract Law Composition Business Law
Building Site Technology Basic Communication Systems Acquistion of Knowledge
Sound and Light Design Software Engineering Practical Training II
Peatland Forestry  

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