Mimosa support

On this page you will find links to help pages, examples of various reports you can create with Mimosa plus useful documents and sample files. Please note that Mimosa purchase entitles users free email and phone support.

Take a look at some timetables and other reports you can create with Mimosa:

After you have created your timetables with Mimosa, you can print them, publish on web or copy to the Clipboard and paste to other applications. Mimosa enables users to tailor the layout, visual effects and selected content of all nine report templates with several options - samples below are based on default settings.

Classic format:
Event timetables:
Compact schedules:

Mimosa also creates other useful reports, such as lists of resources, events and how they are linked together - including all needed statistics of the number of lectures.

Timetables horizontally:
Events merged in one timetable:

Samples of Mimosa reports on spreadsheet:

You can create over 40 additional reports by copying the selected content of your Mimosa file to the Clipboard and paste to your spreadsheet application (select "Edit|Copy to the Clipboard" or click the "Copy" button in the Mimosa view where you want to copy your content from).

Clipboard selections enable to change the appearance or edit the results in any way you like in your spreadsheet application you paste the content to. With the help of Clipboard you can also easily import/add your data into Mimosa from other applications (select "Edit|Paste from the Clipboard").

Mimosa timetables exported to other calendar applications:

Mimosa supports Comma Separated Values (.csv), iCalendar (.ics) and vCalendar (.vcs) formats. You can easily export the contents of your Mimosa file to tenths of other calendar applications which are compatible to any of these formats, such as to Google Calendar and MS Outlook. This enables to view the timetables of teachers, students, groups and rooms via your favourite application, with computer or mobile phone!

Timetable exported to MS Outlook:

Timetable exported to Google Calendar:

Randomly selected Mimosa timetables on web:

Please note that links to some of the websites of our Mimosa clients below that used to be previously available may currently be inoperative, protected or they have been changed.

Mimosa support documents and sample files:

Mimosa training

We also provide Mimosa training and consultation. Send us your contact information and the nonbinding date(s) most suitable for you. We will reply you with the available options and cost estimates. If you have any documents or spreadsheets you would like to attach, send them us in a separate email.

Training is often the fastest way to help you get started and to utilise the various time-saving tools of Mimosa to their fullest. Even if you are an experienced user, you may like to learn more or to find the most appropriate techniques for your specific tasks.

Discussion groups

1) Mimosa Facebook group: www.facebook.com/mimosasoftware
2) Talk.ki group (below):

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