What users say about Mimosa?

Below you will find a sample of the reviews of our users over several years and from several countries. We invite you to post your opinion about your personal Mimosa experience by using this form or just email us. We appreciate your valuable feedback and all ideas that can make your experience better. Thank you!

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"We are using the Mimosa software to schedule courses for our university. It is an excellent software which allows us to view the availability of our resources and allocate our courses accordingly. This has greatly helped us avoid classes being double-booked or over-lapped."
--- T.F., Dubai, U.A.E.

"We have been using Mimosa in [our university] since 2007, and have been very happy with the product and very happy with your service."
--- S.V., New Jersey, United States

"I really like what I have seen so far and would like to have an accurate cost estimate that would include a Site License based on 100 students along with the calendar server and timetable server add-ons."
--- J.R., Wisconsin, United States

"I am retiring later this month. Thank you very much, and thanks also for many years of happy timetabling."
--- C.D.S., London, United Kingdom.

"Thank you for your prompt assistance. I am very impressed. The commercial version is now installed and up and running. Your product is great."
--- K.B., Greensboro, United States

"I am (we are) a very satisfied Mimosa user since many years (started to use Mimosa some 15 years ago…) This is terrific, a perfect support and a great service! Thank you so much."
--- V.C., Zug, Switzerland

"I have used the Mimosa commercial version for the first time this semester. Time tabling could not be made any simpler! Once resources and events are keyed in, at just a click of a button, time tables are ready! Thank you for this software. I am really grateful."
--- Alex, Lesotho

"Our university is looking for an timetable generator software, and I have been crawling the internet to find the best solution. And I found your solution and after some analysation with my IT colleagues, we decided that your software is one of the best at this time."
--- T.L., Romania

"Good Morning! We have been trialling your Mimosa software system, which we are really impressed with so far. We have spoken to other providers that use your system and so far the feedback is excellent."
--- G.F., New Zealand

"It works like a charm. Thank you for the support you provided."
---- B.V., Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

"I am a brand new user of your timetabling software free version, started working it out today...Thanks for the great product. It is making our lives much easier."
--- C.M., Melbourne, Australia

"You cannot believe how clumsy T... looks compared with the elegant solution you have! I started up the programme last night and it was a pleasure to be working with such an intelligently designed system once more!"
--- R.M., Trujillo, Peru

"Thank you for the update notice. Bahrain Teachers College has migrated entirely to Mimosa and I don't know how we would cope without it. Keep up the excellent work."
--- R.B., Manama, Bahrain.

"I have been using Mimosa for the past 5 years and introduced it to another two academic institutions for their scheduling. Its easy, effective enabling me to distribute information with all the academic staff, students and monitoring room's occupancy as well. It saved me tons of hours of extra work. Highly recommended."
--- Nikolas Saltas, Athens, Greece.

"I am a new Mimosa for Windows user. I have been evaluating the product for almost 4 weeks. This is the finest product with the best wealth of function and features that I have seen. We have a very small speciality school which requires individualized scheduling of our clients(students). With the superior support of the developer, I have been able to overcome the learning curve. Also the attention paid to all users by the developer is extraordinary. In other words, the support I received before purchasing this fabulous product has been maintained and continues with the same enthusiasm after the purchase. I strongly recommend MIMOSA FOR WINDOWS to every organization that needs scheduling capabilities for all size institutions. The flexibility and ease to schedule everything from students to instructors to classes PLUS rooms and even equipment makes this product a must have in all environments.
Thank you for Mimosa for Windows!!"
--- E.S., Pennsylvania, United States

"This is not only the ONLY good scheduling software, it is just everything any school needs to have a well structured and flexible scheduling system available - well done."
--- Lukas Ritzel, IMI Hotel Management School, Switzerland

"Thank you. No doubt that your software is by far the best I've seen so far."
--- O.S., Professor, Haifa, Israel

"I've been using Mimosa since 2001 to produce the timetable for our all through (Primary - Secondary) special school of 120 students. After the initial learning curve of a few days experimenting with different ways of configuring the programme to suit our needs I was up and running and have never looked back. Once you have all your components in place, you can then create courses using these and then fit them into and move them around the timetable to arrive at the optimum solution. For me, the main strength of the programme is it's ability to prevent double booking. However there are lots of other useful features which help such as the ability to create new courses. The interface is so easy to navigate - all the information is easily accessible and instantly configurable. Mimosa has proved it's worth year on year and I'd just like to register my gratitude to Vesa Saario and his team for such an excellent piece of software."
--- Jo Johnson, Kingspark School, Dundee, Scotland

"I am beginning to use Mimosa-Lite, and I am becoming more and more enthusiastic as I discover all the things that the program can do...The program has been a godsend, and I'm keen to use it to its full capacity."
--- M.P., Alberta, Canada

"We chose Mimosa software because it gives so many opportunities of scheduling and also the chance to publish the timetables on our website."
--- G.V., Sofia, Bulgaria

"I have been using the small school edition, and I have been very pleased so far."
--- J.B., Taichung, Taiwan

"This is to notify you that I have had the Mimosa software under consideration for some time and on two occasions downloaded trial versions. I am quite confident that this software is just what we need to help us create timetables both efficiently and rapidly."
--- F.K., Reykjavik, Iceland

"By far, Mimosa is superior to any scheduling product I have researched and believe me, I have researched many."
--- M. W., Washington, United States

"In addition to its management and scheduling functions, the software provides a wide variety of helpful features, to locate and solve conflicts in your schedule. It can optimize your time table, by organizing your courses automatically or performing other automated actions. You can also view statistics, print the schedule, export it or publish it on the web. Based on the user interface, features and complexity, Findmysoft has rated Mimosa 5 out of 5 stars, naming it Essential."
--- F.B., FindMySoft

"I love to work with Mimosa. It gives my timetable a professional touch."
--- S.N., ISA Town, Bahrain

"In fact, I am amazing by how easy Mimosa produces a weekly based timetables. I had been following the instructions of the tutorial and learning the concepts of how it schedules the lectures by defining the components/courses/resources. It works. Quick and easy !"
--- R.Y., Hong Kong

"I am amazed at the speed with which you reprogram MFW! - and I thank you very much for coming back so quickly. We have now had time to try out the numbering and it works just as we wanted it to."
--- M.J., London, United Kingdom

"Once again I am overwhelmed by the speed of your service. It is such fun working with Mimosa and checking out the new versions, I can't help asking when a next major revision is planned, and what it might include. But if this is confidential of course I understand. Thanks once again and keep up the good work!"
--- T.R., Stuttgart, Germany

"Dear author, We would like to inform you that your program "Mimosa Scheduling Software" has successfully passed our quality tests showing it performs well above average in its niche. Therefore we decided to grant "Mimosa Scheduling Software" a Premium Software listing."
--- Sincerely, The www.FindSoft.net Review Team.

"Mimosa is well known in the education community as a versatile scheduling and course-planning application that's used in schools and universities around the world, but it's also suitable for business, industry, nonprofits, and any place that can benefit from better scheduling and planning."
--- CNET staff, CNET Download.com

"It is a very good program- well thought out and very excellent. You made it as "user friendly" as possible. Actually it is the best. Kindest Regards and a Wonderful Thanks."
--- S.C., New York, United States

"I'm fascinated by Mimosa and its incredible flexibility, which seems to suit our needs well. "
--- S.S., Rottenmann, Austria.

"Hello Mimosa! Your scheduling software has been great. The upgrades are welcome too."
--- S.H., Duncan, Canada.

"The subject of this email is your software product named Mimosa Scheduling Software released by your company and added on our database on Nov 14, 2011. Since testing and classifying software products is our main activity, we found your product as being one of the software products that captured our attention; so it has been tested by some of our best colleagues under more circumstances and it has passed some important criteria that we use in classifying such products (ease of use, features, user interface, help&support, customization, speed). For all these results that your product obtained, I decided to grant your software product with 5 stars Award, the highest ranking that we carefully grant... We also appreciate to see that you consider our work as being constructive and stimulating and we thank you for that. We are glad that software developers like you give their best to produce high quality and especially up-to-date products according to the user needs."
--- Maia Irimia, Win7Dwnld Team

"Without using Mimosa it would not have been possible to create personalised and weekly timetables for our school and to provide so flexible choices for our students. This was one of the main reasons why our school was selected as the best vocational school in our country this year."
--- E.K., Hämeenkyrö, Finland

"I have already downloaded the trial version of Mimosa and have been slowly progressing with it. It is very impressive. My Head of Department has agreed that we can purchase Mimosa."
--- M.J., London, United Kingdom

"I have downloaded an unregistered Mimosa from your website and like it very much. Have downloaded trial version of Mimosa and am really pleased with the way it works. We only need Mimosa Lite as we have the same timetable each term and our staff numbers are not too high. Seems like just the product I want as previously scheduling was done on pinboard !"
--- N.S., Kidderminster, United Kingdom

"I have purchased Mimosa software at the end of last year for my department. Many other departments in the faculty are also interested in this software. Is it possible to give me information in how to go about expanding it to a faculty license? I am personally working with this software and it is working very well."
--- J. B., Pretoria, South Africa

"I thank you very much for your great efforts and your extra-ordinary software."
--- A.M.F-A., Lebanon, Beirut.

"[Our school] is still proudly using your programme for the school time-table. We have 1250 pupils, 64 teachers and 59 classrooms. I remain impressed with how much I can do each year."
--- L.M., Durbanville, South Africa

"Your software looks like it could save me a lot of time next year. - Thanks."
--- H.L.W., Tennessee, United States

"I am looking at improving the curriculum at our university and have been asked to prepare a timetable showing my proposed schema. I found your software on the net and have just started experimenting with it. I am finding it easy to use and very flexible."
--- S.S-F., Nagasaki, Japan

"I have reviewed Mimosa for Windows and other tools, which used for school timetable. As a result of review, I think that Mimosa for Windows is the perfect tool between the all tools I have reviewed for construct school timetable."
--- S.F., Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Mimosa is amazingly user friendly with its interactive environment. It also includes a detailed help which can help a fresher easily learn about Mimosa. When tested Mimosa worked perfectly and gave good results without any crashes. Mimosa is the software which can revolutionize planning and scheduling methods. Use Mimosa and be free of the tedious work load."
--- Ganesh, www.ilovefreesoftware.com.

"You have developed a fantastic software which avoids me having nightmare when I have to schedule about 300 reviews within 3-4 days."
--- R.S., Ottawa, Canada

"I love the program. I also really appreciate the service that I receive from you."
--- C.W., Minneapolis, United States

"Thank you very much for your help, the software is excellent for our needs."
--- A.H.S., México D.F., Mexico

"There was a bit of anxiety in me as I set out for the job which I have performed every year for the past ten years or so... I saw before me the huge task of rewriting all the course descriptions until I finally got the hang of doing them in Excel first and then importing them in the two steps laid out in SAMPLE.XLS and it's a breeze! What a difference it is to create the courses in Excel and import them.
Thanks for a fantastic piece of software!"
--- F.K., Reykjavik, Iceland

"Mimosa has been excellent for our environment. The application is incredible superb!"
--- T.K., Joensuu, Finland

"Thank you for your wonderful scheduling programme."
--- A.E., Stellenbosch, South Africa

"What I have seen so far have impressed me!!!"
--- A.J., Albany, South Africa

"Hello, this software looks like exactly what I need. I downloaded your version for small schools, and now need the full version."
--- G.A., British Columbia, Canada

"We appriciate your school timetable program very much. Is there a possibility to have a special offer licence for your excellent program?"
--- S.M., Brcko, Bosnia-Herzegovina

"I truly love the functionality of Mimosa. I am the coordinator of a homeschool co-op of 150 students."
--- L.W., Minnesota, United States

"I have been scheduling for over 25 years using a mix of dBase programming and, more recently, complex Excel spreadsheet structures. However, I fell in love with Mimosa about an hour after I first downloaded it! - I've been using Mimosa operationally now for a year, so I feel I now know my way round the program well enough to offer some suggestions. I continue to be an enthusiastic user as I've discovered more and more ways to achieve what I want, and I really admire the work and enthusiasm you put into the program to produce such a steady stream of improvements."
--- L.W., North Sydney, Australia

Allow me to start by thanking you for a piece of software that has clearly been THOUGHT (apparently rare, if I look around me). It is indeed a pleasure to use. I have tested it in parallel with our previous scheduling software (which pre-dates my arrival at the school) and will introduce it in production next year."
--- I.U., Geneva, Switzerland

"Thanks for the great software and the continuing support."
--- G.B., Mullumbimby, Australia

"Hi, I tried mimosa scheduling software for a month and I feel this software is good. Can you give me reseller/company that I can contact for more info? Thank you."
--- R.K. Kuala Langat, Malaysia.

"We are very pleased with the Mimosa time-tabling software. It saved us a lot of time this year. Students and staff are also very pleased with the clarity of the output (the web-version and the printed ones)."
--- R.D., Brussels, Belgium

"Must say that the software was absolutely great, helped me big time! I've had a few calls regarding the software and have referred them back to you. Anyway just wanted to wish you all the best in 2007 and if I can be of assistance in demonstrating the software around my neck of the woods I would be more than happy to oblige."
--- R.V., Calgary, Canada.

"As mentioned to you telephonically, my wife is Deputy Principal at one of our local high schools and she used Mimosa Lite during it's trial phase to draw up her school's timetable for 2001. It worked perfectly for their school of 1100 pupils (39 classes) using a 5 day cycle. It took her 4 days, starting from scratch, to get a perfectly working timetable. She tried a number of other timetable programs that were available, but none could accommodate their complex timetable eg. teachers teaching more than one subject, subject combinations etc."
--- H.M., Durbanville, South Africa

"I have been learning the software timetabler and I am very impressed with it. I have no reservation in recommending this software... I have received your disk with version 1.4, I am very happy with your software. It has saved me alot of time in doing my scheduling. It is an excellent software!!!!!!!!
Keep up the good work."
--- C. H., St. John's, Antigua & Barbuda

"Hello again. Our work with Mimosa is going very well and as you can see from the attached file we have mapped courses out for the next 2.5 years thanks to your earlier advice. Mimosa has proved a very useful tool and we are delighted with it so far...We have enjoyed working with Mimosa and continue to experiment to gain best effect."
--- D.S., Plymouth, United Kingdom

"What I've been doing till now was to enter the timetables she had prepared into Mimosa. and I was happy to get out most beautiful reports, looking at these tables from four different perspectives: subject, teacher, class and room. Which already is much more she can do today with her paper table."
--- G.A.G., Vienna, Austria.

"Planning a meeting, scheduling conferences and work shifts, scheduling various courses in schools, colleges and universities are the tedious works which no one would love to do. Moreover, errors and conflicts occur easily. Solution to all these problems is here, Mimosa. Using Mimosa, you can complete all these works in a few minutes and without any errors or conflicts."
--- Ganesh, www.ilovefreesoftware.com

"The software is even more impressive than I first thought when I started working with the small school version. I will also be using it to build schedules for our educational assistants (who have to work with multiple children, in differing classrooms over the course of a single day)."
--- G.A., British Columbia, Canada

"Thank you again for the good application. What the imagination permits, that does Mimosa too, which means that the software does never restrict the intendended scheduling implementation."
--- A.S., Finland

"First 10 minutes of evaluating gave me the impression that this program is exactly the right answer."
--- P.S., Maastricht, Netherlands

"We have been exploring Mimosa as a possible way of organising the schedules for a group of five churches in northern Sweden, and our first reactions are very positive."
--- D.K., Ådalsbygden, Sweden

"Thank you for your assistance at the end of last year at the very short notice. The software is working wonderfully and it made my life 1000% easier. Some other department also seems interested. I do think we will look at a site licence a bit later."
--- J.B., Pretoria, South Africa

"I have tried the trial version and I am very pleased with the possibilities of the program."
--- A.S., Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

"We have investigated many scheduling software products and believe Mimosa will best fit our needs. We have five campuses (San Francisco, Boston, London, Dubai and Shanghai) and plan to implement Mimosa on all campuses."
--- J.C., San Francisco, United States

"I've just downloaded your demo version of Mimosa and it looks as if it were made for our school."
--- A.L., Belgium

"I have been exploring the capabilities of Mimosa. I must admit that it is incredible. I really like it. At the moment I am experimenting with it and I am having fun with it."
--- S.H., St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles

"Very much impressed with the software."
--- L.K., Harare, Zimbabwe

"Hello Sir,
Your software Mimosa Scheduling Software is excellent, we like it very much. We have updated it to our SoftSea directory. Your software has also been sent to our exclusive SoftSea RSS Feed."
--- SoftSea.com

"Thank you very much for the prompt reply to my enquiry. I have downloaded the demo software from your website and is currently in the process of evaluating it. It certainly appears a very comprehensive and user friendly program and I will definitely contact you again in due course. Thanks again for the efficient service!"
--- H.M., Durbanville, South Africa

"My school is part of the New York City public school system. There are many schools that can benefit from your software. I have tried many other scheduling programs before, and yours is the best I have seen. I will be modifying my school's schedule over the next several weeks and I am looking forward to fully utilizing your software. Thank you again for your assistance."
--- M.K., New York, United States

"Mimosa for Windows helped us a lot to create the Congress Schedule and sessions, thank you for it."
--- H. L., The 52nd Session of ISI, Helsinki, Finland

"Your program continues to be very helpful to me. I would not be able to do what I do without it... All teachers and students can receive personal copies of their timetables and all staff have access to the html version of student, room, teacher and class timetables on the school intranet. My only worry is that the school admin now think I can timetable to any constraints!"
--- C.H., Tianjin, China

"Thank you for your excellent program Mimosa Lite! I have used it to timetable our school of over 150 students. I had a couple of false starts before I figured it out, but once I got the hang of it, it worked beautifully. This is the first time I have ever been asked to produce a school timetable and Mimosa Lite made the experience almost pain free! I am extremely impressed with the flexibility of the programme. (I tried three other products available on various limited trial schemes, but yours was the easiest to use by far.) ... Thanks for a brilliant piece of software."
--- J.J., Dundee, Scotland (U.K.)

"I have downloaded Mimosa for Windows and I have started to "play" with it. It looks like it might be exactly what I am looking for. I find every newer version has something I really wanted in the older version and with each version I also find it much easier to look at he screen. Thanks, I really love your product."
--- M.M., Halifax, Canada

"I tried the latest version where you did the last changes concerning room capacities. It works very well. We are very grateful to you. As usual, you are very quick to see to our needs...Thanks again. Have a nice day."
--- Ý.H., Istanbul, Turkey

"On behalf of the Moruga Secondary School we wish to express our continued delight with your software."
--- R.F., Moruga, Trinidad and Tobago

"I have downloaded the Mimosa trial program, and it looks to be what we need. I should like to accept your offer of a special version for further trial, as I believe this will allow us to make a final decision. May I congratulate you on a most useful product."
--- A.K., Auckland, New Zealand

"It looks very impressive...visually and functionally! Truly Mimosa is not only a great creation but also a piece of art."
--- R.H., Tel Aviv, Israel

"The Moneague College has been using the Mimosa Software for some time now as its time tabling software. I recently took on the responsibility of creating the yearly timetable using this awesome application."
--- V.B., St. Ann, Jamaica.

"We have been using Mimosa for many years. It has always been a very user-friendly application and extremely stable and reliable."
--- E.G., Chicago, United States.

"Thank you very much!! I wish every software developer/company was so receptive to change and satisfying the needs of it's customers."
--- L.O., I.H., Istanbul, Turkey

"We have had the opportunity to review the documents this morning and have to say this is a very powerful and well designed software application and feel we can add this to our product portfolio. At the school or individual department in a larger Institute the system should fit very well."
--- P.R., Australia

"I take great pleasure in doing my work with Mimosa, and really do appreciate the loving care and attention that you give the program, and its frequent updates."
--- L.W., Sydney, Australia

"We have had the opportunity to review the documents this morning and have to say this is a very powerful and well designed software application and feel we can add this to our product portfolio. At the school or individual department in a larger Institute the system should fit very well."
--- P.D., Australia

"I have been testing more than 10 software, and Mimosa is definitely the best, and actually the only one that matches our needs!"
--- O.G., Cambodia

"I want to be your distributor, because your product is very good and in my work someone ask me for a similar software. I tried a lot of software but your, for me, are the best."
--- F.V., Italy

"We extend our heartfelt gratitude for introducting new ideas as well as enthusiastic support of modernization and humanization of Lithuania's schools. Your expertise has been an invaluable assert in the renaissance of Lithuanian education. We express our sincere wishes for every success. May your commitment to our common endeavours in the field of education yield rewarding results."
--- A. M., Minister of Education, Vilnius, Lithuania

"Thanks for the quick reply. My college have decided to order MIMOSA 'cos it is a good program. Helped us quite a lot. Thank you again."
--- A.A., Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"I have tried the trial version and I am very pleased with possibilities of the program. Our school has decided to buy a Site Licence."
--- R.D., Brussels, Belgium

"Thank you for your update. I am impressed with the way your software has developed since I started using it."
--- R.M., Toulouse, France

"Thanks for the wonderful software you have developed. We should have bought it instead much earlier on...I have enjoyed scheduling with Mimosa and I can tell you it is "hassle-free software". Kudos for the good job you and your team has done."
--- E.M., Nairobi, Kenya.

"Thank you for scheduling software. It is very useful in our country. Every student can have it's own timetable. It is very impressive. The program is very functional."
--- A.B., Siauliai, Lithuania

"This is a marvelous program. Even for a school of our size, the complexity of doing this by hand is ludicrous, and the program, once you get the hang of it, is indispensable. It's a real winner. Thanks very very much."
--- M.D., California, United States

"We have tried your Mimosa Timetables for Windows and we were greatly impressed by the results. We would like to know the Price and Agreement for buying the licence in canadian dollars. If possible as soon as possible (let's say RUSH)...I would gladly like to be a consultant for your product for our region. We would like to buy your full version of latest Mimosa Software for Windows. Thank you very much and congratulations for your excellent software."
--- D.P., Quebec, Canada

"Mimosa has been very valuable in allowing us to produce timetables easily and quickly."
--- S.M., Indiana, United States

"We are in the process of completely re-engineering our application suite and would like to integrate your product into it as it seems to suit our needs perfectly."
--- M.P., CEO, United States

"We have been using Mimosa for our class scheduling and love it."
--- D.V., Hayward, United States

"Then there's user-definable Categories, such as Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced; and Block scheduling, Intake scheduling, Cycling timetables, and numerous other functions are designed to make it easy to create, schedule, book, and recycle lesson plans, course schedules, timetables, lectures, and reports. This sounds like a lot, but Mimosa's "field-tested" interface, intuitive functionality and layout, helpful wizards, and high degree of interoperability between its various features and tools make it surprisingly easy to use."
--- CNET staff, CNET Download.com

"The program works especially well in ... (8th through 10th grade), where a number of teachers come into contact with each group, each teacher being responsible for one subject."
--- F.K., Reykjavik, Iceland

"When I run Mimosa in a virtual machine it performs exactly as on a PC. I am using Windows 7. I have used Parallels before and it is very good but for a couple of years I've been using VirtualBox which performs very well and is free! My iMac is four years old and my MacBook is three."
--- R.C., Dublin, Ireland

"There seemed to be a great void in scheduling software before I discovered Mimosa. I spent hours linking spreadheets with database tables... now, all is done for me, and with a little thought I cannot imagine a scheduling problem that could not be effectively applied in Mimosa. Good job Vesa :-)"
--- L.W.J., Belize City, Belize

"After some trial periods, we find your software 'Mimosa for Windows' has several very great features in helping designing of course' time tables and has good market potential. We are very enthusiastic to become a distributor of the software and promote it to colleges, schools as well as various educational units in Asia. We would like to know your policy to become a distributor as well as the pricing information of the software."
--- H.W., Hong Kong, China

"That's what I call service! Thanks!"
--- G.G., Moelding, Austria

"Mimosa is an amazing software which will easily reduce your work burden. Mimosa is a simple, fast and flexible application. It is very compact and neither it uses your hard disk space too much nor it slows the performance of other applications."
--- Ganesh, www.ilovefreesoftware.com.

"I really appreciate your very prompt response to my dire need last week. I have successfully completed the timetables for our school. I have a team meeting to discuss final issues on Monday 15/01 before school starts on 16/01. Mimosa Lite worked wonderfully - we look forward to productive use of it into the future."
--- T.P., Johannesburg, South Africa

"Thanks for a fantastic piece of software!" --- F.K., Reykjavik, Iceland

"Please reply with a price and agreement. This software downloads like freeware. I have spend a considerable amount of time testing it and like it."
--- R.F., Pennsylvania, United States

"I wish to thank you for your swift reply and congratulate you on the excellent time-table software you have available. I have made use of the freeware and am most impressed. I have been doing the school's time-table manually for many years and have grown quite attached to using an eraser and a pencil. Fortunately I was deprived of that privilege this year, thanks to you."
--- E.P., Port Elizabeth, South Africa

"I liked to be your reseller or sales represtentative in Chile."
--- F.D., Santiago de Chile, Chile

"I am HAPPILY on my way to testing MIMOSA. In 15 minutes I am already pleased. Your support is incredible. I am considering the full version just to have the support. Once we are running I don't think there will be much need for continual support but your charge for it is quite reasonable.
Well, MIMOSA awaits me - The new version 2.243 works great. I made all the insertions for Breaks and Lunch; then I booked ///// for each period to prevent other courses from being inserted in the future. (I completed all of that is less than 10 minutes.) Thank you for your continued support and interest. Your constant support and superior responsiveness makes this a very fulfilling activity. I must again say, that the selection of Mimosa Software Oy was the best decision I could have made.
--- E.S., Pennsylvania, United States

"I was very impressed by the usability and service behind your software."
--- E.Y., Ottawa, Canada

"I Tried the demo version of Mimosa for Windows. I like it. Please give me a purchase price (quotation) for Mimosa for Windows for our school."
--- C.K., Kirkwood, South Africa

"We recommend spending some time with Mimosa's comprehensive Help file, but we were surprised by how easy it was just to start right up with the default settings (in our language of choice) thanks to frequent pop-up explanations that help new users over each bump. The Help file and Web site each offer tutorials as well as access to the large Mimosa community."
--- CNET staff, CNET Download.com

"We are quite impressed with the capabilities of Mimosa and we would like to order it."
--- I.S., Suva, Fiji Islands

"Could you send us a draft for an Value-Added-Reseller's agreement for our consideration. We would like to help you market your product worldwide."
--- C.S., President, Florida, United States

"I have downloaded the trial of Mimosa and am impressed by it."
--- M.W., Tennessee, United States

"Thank you for the top speed service!"
--- A.A., Seinäjoki, Finland

"We are impressed with your product and the possibilities it provides for our school. Please provide a quote ASAP."
--- J.D., Singapore

"Thank you so much! I am extremely grateful - now I can get the timetable out on time - you've saved my life!"
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"I love this program! It makes a dreadful chore almost fun - like a puzzle, but a workable one! We will buy the full version as soon as our school gets a bit larger, but we are grateful for the use of the free version in the meantime - thanks!"
--- T.C., United States

"Thank you for speed. You seldom face service that exceeds your expectations, which is very considerate for marketing-oriented people."
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"Mimosa Scheduling Software is a class organization tool. If you ever had to organize and plan out your entire set of classes and adjust all your time to all your student needs.Not only will you be able to plan out the actual work that you need to do with all your students, but at the same time you will be able to adjust your time to their needs. This is why Mimosa Scheduling Software is so useful today. With Mimosa Scheduling Software on your system, you can easily develop any sort of timetable for your classes and plan out in advance every single minute of them. This will enable you to show all your work and present it to your students in the best possible manner, with very little time wasted."
--- Toogle.com Team

"Hi Mimosa! Our school's director has been doing the scheduling for 8 years with pen and paper. After finding your software a few weeks ago, then trying the freeware version with our school's basic components, I would really love to give him a sales pitch for it on Monday."
--- K.M., New Hampshire, United States

"After downloading Mimosa-Lite for an trial, I have found the software a wonderful alternative to pen-and-paper scheduling. Mimosa has made scheduling for my school easier and a lot less frustrating. Thank you for creating this software!"
--- E.O., E., Malaysia.

"We host a merit badge seminar every year and must schedule students, buildings, classrooms, times, and merit badges. Your software seems to be just what we are looking for. Please send some more information on it and the cost of registration."
--- A.J., Texas, United States

"I just like to say thanks for the program. It saved me hours and hours of crosschecking. I managed to get it done in a fraction of the time that is usually spent and everyone is happy with their timetable. A huge sigh of relief."
--- P.G., Hong Kong

"We purchased Mimosa some time ago and it has proved to be very successful for our scheduling needs."
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"Thank for your help, and thanks again for a really exceptional product."
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"Mail us your reseller agreement. I want to be your distributor, because your software is well designed and suitable for our educational systems. Time-tabling is a major headache for teachers and school administrators here at present, all schools do time-tabling manually. However, all secondary schools are equipped with computers and your software will definitely be an asset."
--- K.W., Caribbean

"We're using Mimosa now for almost 4 months and all I hear from the guy who does our planning ... It's just great to work with :-) I've even scheduled a demo within our University to show other faculty's how life can be made a bit easier (We've got approx 13.000 students)."
--- P.S., Maastricht, Netherlands

"This program is just great. it saved me a great amount of time. It's user interface is so friendly."
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"I discovered your Mimosa Time-Table Programme on the internet and have been playing around with it a bit. Very impressive!"
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"I have been reviewing the package, and am very pleased with the content, as well as downloading the Booklet, Tutorial etc. although at the moment my abilities are somewhat limited as yet to grasp some of the readily available information."
--- J.P., London, United Kindom

"I have tested Mimosa for Windows and I think it will suit our school. We have another timetables software but I think Mimosa for Windows is more flexible."
--- B.B.J., Reykjavik, Iceland

"Now I know how little I know about scheduling."
--- P.S., Professor, Norway

"I believe in cost terms, as well as its effective use of the PC resources MIMOSA is good value. I also add (maybe you have not tried it...) the update seems to work in LINUX(SuSE 8.2) via WINE."
--- D.A., Spain

"Now that I am no longer responsible for the maintenance of the computers and programmes at the University of ... , can I thank you for all the help you have given in the past sorting out problems? Best wishes for the future."
--- D.F., United Kingdom

"Since one month i am a new user of your Mimosa-program. It runs under Linux Debian/Wine quite stable to plan the time-tables of our computer-room. Your program is the very right choice between a pure time-table-program and a pure room booking system."
--- A.B., Merano, Italy

"I want to let you know that I received the CD of mimosa software last week. We are using the software and I think it is a very good software, it is being very helpful to us. If I will have any issue with the software, I will Email you."
--- A.K., Tirana, Albania

"I have downloaded your timetable software V2.235, and Iam trying it but I need the full featured version for more time. Your software seems to be attractive. Can you send me a time limit password for more time."
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"You have been so very busy and it has all been most appreciated. Several months ago when I started on this "quest" for scheduling software I knew there would be compromises along the way. Well, with Mimosa for Windows 2.250 you gave Pittsburgh Vision Services another and very well received gift. With each lesson I give, I must frequently remind the user that keeping count of the number of students in each class is a manual operation. WELL NO MORE!!!! Thank you very much and to our Istanbul colleagues.
I just had to write to say that anyone who is unsure that Mimosa for Windows is the right product for all size institutions and specialized schools should feel secure that THIS IS THE RIGHT PRODUCT. As you, continually say, the product is constantly evolving and it has grown so much in the 3 months since I started using it. The school is very happy with the product.
I am still working on the implementation of Profiles but I know it will fall into place. I also look forward to downloading version 2.251 since as you know I am trying to find a way to easily convey the instructions of Timetabling to the user."
--- E. S., Pennsylvania, United States

"I have seen several schedulers on the web and I like yours because it seems straightforward and especially the import/export facility in Excel and clipboard. I would like to try the free version."
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"Dear Sirs, it seems that you have the right product for us. We are an international school in ... with about 400 students. As we are one of the first schools in Austria that introduce a course system, we have a lot of problems concerning the timetable. Your program has this feature (and a lot more)."
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--- A.D., Alicante, Spain

"I am just in the middle of the trial process what software solution could be the most appropriate for us. The first superficial impressions with Mimosa V2.226 are quite positive ... and to be honest also taking into account your fair price policy I think that Mimosa is the current favourite. Beside Mimosa the products ... look quite good; have a very good optimisation, they are however not so flexible when defining timetable for the US model, i.e. where every student can select a different group of courses! ... I am just confirming the receipt of the email with licensed Mimosa. Installation was OK! Since it is so easy to install Mimosa and to create a CD-ROM it is actually not neccessary to get the CD-ROM."
--- V.C., Zugerberg, Switzerland

"Mimosa is flexible and user-friendly. It makes creative scheduling possible at an affordable price."
--- R.M., Gaborone, Botswana

"All is good. Congratulaciones for you."
--- J.C.E.O., Loja, Ecuador

"I am just trying out the limited version for scheduling our department classes. It is a very useful program. The only critique I have so far is that it needs a bit more flexibility in printing out schedule tables. It would, for example, be useful to be able to print out a single sheet which summarizes the number of classes by names each semester or which lists the instuctors and their classes to the right by name and code on a single sheet. The classroom assignment is especially useful!"
--- Florida, United States

"Thank you so much for the software I received today. I had already downloaded it and put it into action, and always it is proving extremely useful!"
--- R.M., Pachacámac, Peru.

"We are looking at several other scheduling packages but I personally like the user interface of your product."
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"Any way the point is that this application is a very useful tool, especially for those institutions that have a big staff and lots of activities to be done, so if you want everything to work smoothly and in time, you should consider purchasing it."
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--- B.M., softarea51.

"Right now I am working on a very complex schedule for our bilingual school. This must be finished on Monday morning because we start school on Monday! With other word many extra hours during week end… but Mimosa is a huge help. In the past I did these work by Excel… I finished my task and am so happy about this! I had to do I completely manually, but it is amazing how fast it is with your software."
--- E.F., La Venta D.C., Honduras.

"Mimosa is certainly one of the most competitive software I have surveyed so far."
--- L.A.K., Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

"The Finnish developer of this software application, Mimosa Software Ltd did a great job, making it really easy for the user to manage even a big number of variables. First of all if you fill in all the restrictions and conditions, you will get a timetable without conflicts that will satisfy everybody."
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--- J.G., Boca Raton, United States.

"The combination of Intake scheduling and "add file" does the job perfectly. I am also able to move the schedule to a different day in the week. Thank you. Compliments on the Mimosa program."
--- O.L., Rotterdam, Netherlands.

"We are continuing to enjoy using your scheduling program and were able to design a creative approach to dealing with our 2 different block programs (75min. and 100min.) utilizing the same teachers and rooms."
--- D.L., Manama, Bahrain.

"My research includes a large topic on commercial timetabling and scheduling. I see your product has massive scope and is used by a whole range of customers. To be honest I'm at a loss as to why more universities do not use such software."
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