Mimosa Scheduling Software prices and conditions of delivery

The prices and conditions of delivery are valid to 31-Dec-2018.

All our Mimosa Scheduling Software prices are strictly one-time payments. There are no hidden or indirect costs, no upgrade charges and no yearly licence fees, neither from us nor from any third party. All our customers are entitled to free and unlimited upgrades to the latest Mimosa version and free email and phone support. After purchasing Mimosa you will receive the activation file by return email so that you can continue your work without delay if you have already created your file with the trial or free Mimosa versions. You will also receive an internet address (URL) from which you can download and install the latest version of the software. We also send you the software on CD by air mail free of charge, or use a courier service for an additional fee.

There are two types of licences - Mimosa Single-User Licence and Mimosa Site Licence:

Single-User Licence

1. Allows you to install and use Mimosa on one computer only
2. Does NOT allow you to use files created on other computers
3. Includes free lifetime updates
4. Includes free email and phone support

Price: €500 EUR

Site Licence

1. Allows you to install and use Mimosa on any computer or network in your organisation
2. Allows you to share files between computers and combine files created by different users
3. Includes free lifetime updates
4. Includes free email and phone support

Price is based on the average size of your student-body:

- less than 800 students: €800 EUR
- between 800 and 8,000 students: [Number of students] x €1 EUR
- more than 8,000 students: €8,000 EUR

Calculate your Mimosa price:

Enter your average student-body
Select your Licence type Single-User Licence (€500 EUR)
Site Licence (€800 EUR - €8,000 EUR)
Upgrade from Single-User to Site Licence
Delivery via Air Mail (Free)
Finnish Postal Service Insured Item (€13 EUR)
FedEx, UPS or DHL (€130 EUR)

Shipping rates by FedEx, UPS and DHL are subject to change without notice.

Bank charges Bank transfer, PayPal or Credit card (Free)
Cheque (€125 EUR)

Note! Purchasing and reinstalling Mimosa from CD is not mandatory, since the full production version is installed from our website when it is activated via email.

Total Price in € EUR

Purchasing Mimosa:

In the form above enter the average number of students attending your institution and the licence type you require and then click What is my price? to calculate your price for Mimosa. Fill in and send us the purchase form or just email us your order. Please specify the currency you wish to use if payment in Euros is not possible.

Bank information:
Bank: Nordea Bank Finland PLC - www.nordea.com
In favour of: Mimosa Software Oy (Ltd.)
IBAN: FI60 2459 1800 0731 16

If you want to pay online immediately you may do so after submitting this form (by clicking the SUBMIT YOUR ORDER button below). Just enter the amount you want to pay, select the payment method and follow the instructions provided.
(If you don't have a PayPal account, you can set one up in just a few minutes using your credit card or debit card.)

Clients from EU countries are also asked to include their institution's VAT ID for tax refund. The VAT ID of Mimosa Software Ltd. is FI 448091-76.

All previous purchases are fully compensated when upgrading from Single-User to Site Licence. All prices are strictly one-time payments. Google Currency Conversion is applied whenever payments are in currencies other than the Euro.

31st of December 2017 1 Euro () was 1.20 US Dollars ($) and 1 US Dollar ($) was 0.83 Euros ().

Click the purchase button above to send your purchase order for Mimosa Scheduling Software.

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