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Mimosa is the world's most versatile scheduling software. Unlike most other scheduling applications, Mimosa was not developed as a tool to support a particular organisation's scheduling process. Instead, it focuses on the core challenges of scheduling and provides a user-centric solution to those. As a result it can be used in any kind of school, university or organisation for any scheduling task. It is the preferred tool for course scheduling in thousands of schools and universities around the world and is widely used in many other business contexts from the scheduling of internal meetings and training courses right up to the planning of large international conferences and music festivals.

With Mimosa, you can:

Schedule any way you like

At Mimosa Software we pride ourselves on our reputation for listening and responding to our customers' needs. We have been developing Mimosa for over 15 years using customer requests as the basis for development. Mimosa now has over 800 different menu items and options allowing you to schedule any way you like. You can schedule manually and automatically using our six sophisticated optimisation algorithms and ten scheduling tools.

Our unique Timetables View allows you to see all the interdependencies between timetables, prevents you from making double-bookings, provides suggestions for the optimal times to place events in the timetable, allows you to move blocks of events and substitute resources to avoid conflicts and offers a step-by-step undo/redo capability so you can try different options easily. Up to 2000 last actions can be undone, and you can jump directly to any previous step in the history of actions which is automatically stored for you.

You can freely combine these different approaches to suit your way of working so you could, for example, start with some bulk scheduling for events that must occur at certain times, generate an initial solution using the automatic scheduling features to schedule the rest of your events and then fine-tune the solution with some manual scheduling to take into consideration the specific needs of your organisation.

Work where and when you want

A schedule is no use to anyone until it is complete. That's why, at Mimosa Software, we don't believe there is anything to be gained by putting a scheduling tool online. Only the completed schedules need to be online for easy access from your management systems and timetable users. While you are creating the schedule you don't want to be tied to your organisation's intranet or risk having an incomplete schedule published prematurely. Mimosa will run on any PC or laptop and has no dependencies on any 3rd party software so you can work where and when you want. When you are ready to publish your timetables Mimosa can generate all the web timetables, calendar data and reports you could possibly need and you can customise the output to suit your organisation's web style guidelines. With our web add-on applications you can put all your schedule data online for easy integration with your management systems.

Plug the holes in your current system

Many IT departments force an inflexible scheduling system on their users. Everyone must use the same system to save time and money when, in fact, the system in question is hugely expensive and does not allow the flexibility you really need to satisfy the demands of your staff and students! Mimosa provides a low-cost alternative to those with more challenging scheduling needs. With Mimosa you can easily import data from external systems and export your completed timetables back again giving you the freedom to schedule the way you want.

Benefit from a lifetime of free support and upgrades

No other scheduling tool provider offers you the same level of service Mimosa Software does. Purchasing Mimosa entitles you to free lifetime email support and software upgrades. If you have a question about Mimosa just send us a mail. If you would like a new feature, just ask and we will implement it for you (if it would be useful to others and you can't already do it some other way). If we implement a new feature you get it for free, just upgrade to the latest version. All this for a low one-off payment, no hidden fees and no recurring charges!

Rest assured, you are not alone!

With Mimosa you don't need to worry that you are beta testing a new application or trying to do something no-one has ever done before. Over 15 years we have accumulated thousands of happy users, many of whom are glad to help others starting out with Mimosa. Check out this map to see some of our reference customers around the world. If you need help, or just want to hear someone else recommend Mimosa, we can put you in touch with someone near you.

Creating and maintaining timetables is often a complex task for both people and software. The technical side of Mimosa is kept as simple and as self-contained as possible. The technology is based on a collection of efficient optimisation algorithms. Thanks to these, Mimosa handles scheduling difficulties smoothly and reliably, all the while giving you the kind of assistance that you need. Letting Mimosa do the multidimensional thinking for you makes scheduling much more pleasant, but it also ensures that you are aware of any useful new alternatives that may help you in solving your timetabling puzzle.

Today we have happy Mimosa users in all kinds of schools, universities, and businesses in over 80 countries and on all continents:

Mimosa was designed to simplify the way in which courses in addition to exams, meetings or any other events, rooms, equipment as well as other resources can be scheduled. It is a comprehensive commercial product that can have various purposes for the benefit of a wide range of personnel. Modern and flexible, Mimosa is an excellent choice for any institutions and companies that find their current solution outdated or restricted in meeting their scheduling demands, and it has become popular in respected unversities which set high standards to their solutions. The total number of Nobel laureates in universities using our software as their scheduling solution has today exceeded 100.

Once you start to enter scheduling information into Mimosa, you will soon notice how a seemingly complicated task begins to unfold with ease. You do not necessarily need a pencil or paper while you work. All the information is now at your fingertips, and you can forget all those pitfalls and problems you previously faced. Jumping from one view to another is simple. You can choose to view your information from an angle of your choice, find, sort, browse, and schedule first, then add any of the missing resources.


It is easy to print out your reports, publish them as web pages, and select one of the numerous ways to transfer your data in and out via Clipboard, using your spreadsheet application as your companion. Mimosa supports not only Clipboard but also text files to easily import and export your data. You can build a seamless bridge between Mimosa and other applications and merge any number of Mimosa files created by different users into one file.

Timetables and other reports can be printed and published as web pages for your students, staff, clients, or any others interested or entitled. You can copy reports to your spreadsheet application and adjust the layouts of the copied content according to your needs and preferences, or use iCalendar, vCalendar and Comma Separated Values file formats with the all popular web calendar applications, MS Outlook and with the calendar of your mobile phone.


The commercial version of Mimosa has two different licensing options: Mimosa Single-User License and Mimosa Site License. You can also download the free version of Mimosa that lets you create and schedule up to 80 entries, and the trial version of Mimosa that can be tried and tested for 30 days without capacity restrictions. The limited versions include almost all the features of the commercial version, and with their help, it is easy for you to decide whether the commercial version of Mimosa will meet your scheduling needs. You do not have to register to get Mimosa - just download and enjoy!

Free downloads and free support

With Mimosa you are never alone - if you do not find the solution to a problem in our ample support material, you can contact us anytime. We serve our customers promptly and professionally worldwide. If you have important new features in mind you would like to add to Mimosa, we will do our best to include them in the future versions.

Purchasing Mimosa entitles you to these free and unlimited services:

  • Download the latest version of Mimosa anytime you like -
  • Email or call us in case of any questions
  • Stay informed of the latest updates and get tips on how to increase your productivity
  • Join our discussion group