Show timetables with the Timetable browser

The Timetable browser is opened from the Tools menu Tools|Show timetables. It provides a simplified view of your timetables that allows you to:

  • View the timetables of all resources and events in all weeks
  • Make and cancel bookings in the resource timetables
  • Copy the bookings of the current timetable to other timetables and weeks
  • Display the free resources in the selected slots and week
  • View and add comments in resource timetables

This window is not designed for scheduling, but for viewing timetables of resources and events on all weeks. Use the Timetables view to create your timetables.

With Mimosa you can schedule the periods of events in timetables in several alternative ways, depending on your preferences and requirements. Most important tools are presented below:

Timetables view is the most common way to schedule periods interactively and easily. In this view you can also simultaneously view all the related timetables and also Undo and Redo all the actions you have made.
If the start and end dates and the time periods for event schedules are known beforhand, Edit|Bulk schedule in Events view is a recommended selection.
If you prefer to schedule events when attaching resources to events, select Instant scheduling in Events view.
You can also import schedules from your spreadsheet application by using the appropriate Clipboard selection in Events view.
You can also import schedules as all other Mimosa data from other applications by using the Import/export with text files tools and the File|File Import or File|File Add selections.
Timetables can also be created automatically by using the Initial solution selection and optimise the results with the Optimise tool.

Select the active timetable and week

Click the up () and down () arrow buttons or the list box to select the timetable to view. The name and the category of the selected timetable is displayed below the list box.

  • Select in View timetables by to view and edit either the timetables of resources or events. Select Comments to view and edit the comments in the current resource timetable.
  • Select in Display in timetable cells if you want to see in the timetable cells the codes or names of the events or both.

Click the right () and left () arrow buttons or the list box to select the active week or term (if you have more than one).


Copy button has three functions:

  • if the active timetable is a resource timetable, it stores its bookings to memory and its bookings can then be pasted to other resource timetables and weeks with the Paste button
  • if the active timetable is a event timetable, it stores the event periods to memory and its events can then be pasted to other event timetables and weeks with the Paste button
  • it copies the current timetable and all other timetables of the same category to the Clipboard, and it can then be pasted as timetables to other applications (such as spreadsheet applications)


Paste button has two functions:

  • if the active timetable is a resource timetable it pastes the bookings from the memory to the current resource timetable (without overriding the scheduled periods in the target timetable)
  • if the active timetable is a event timetable it pastes the event periods from the memory to the current event timetable (if the operation is feasible)

It is easy to copy bookings from one timetable to another timetable by first clicking the Copy button on the timetable the bookings are about to copy from. The active timetable and/or week is then changed and when Paste is clicked, the bookings are copied to this timetable.


Bookings button reverses the status of the bookings in the highlighted area of the active resource timetable. All free cells are booked and all cells having bookings are cleared. If you want to copy these bookings to other timetables or weeks, store them with the Copy button to memory and then copy to other resource timetables with the Paste button. Select the current booking type from the Booking type box.


Erase button clears the periods in the highlighted area in the active timetable.

Free slots

Free slots button displays the list of all resource timetables with the same category as the active timetable which have free slots in the selected area. For instance, if the active timetable is a room, all rooms which are free in the selected area are shown. Clicking [OK] button in the list activates the selected resource. Clicking Copy copies the list to the Clipboard.


Calculate button calculates and displays the total sum of the scheduled periods (of all resource timetables or event timetables) in each cell in the timetables of the active week.