Technical specifications

Note for Mimosa Pro users:

Mimosa Pro is a new Mimosa version which extends the capacity of the current Mimosa Site Licence, and in the future the changed database and increased size will enable to add more tools and techniques. If your organisation is large or growing, we recommend updating to this version.

Mimosa Pro contains all the features of Mimosa Site Licence, but with the following extensions:

  • Maximum number of Events plus Resources is doubled from 8191 entries to 16383 entries
  • Maximum code lengths of Events and Resources are increased from 15 characters to 20 characters
  • The capacity of the sored scheduling data, resource collections and manual rooms are also doubled
  • The user interface is not changed, but Light Green is as the default background colour instead of Sky Blue
  • File extension is changed to .mfz (all other Mimosa version use .mfw)
  • Both applications apply the same text file format .mxt, which is used to transfer data across Mimosa versions

How to convert your current Mimosa Site Licence file .mfw to Mimosa Pro file .mfz:

  1. Invoke Mimosa Site Licence, select "File|File Export..." and convert your .mfw file to text format (.mxt)
  2. Invoke Mimosa Pro, select "File|File Import..." and convert the text to Mimosa Pro format (.mfz)

How to convert your current Mimosa Pro file .mfz to Mimosa Site Licence file .mfw:

  1. Invoke Mimosa Pro, select "File|File Export..." and convert your .mfz file to text format (.mxt)
  2. Invoke Mimosa Site Licence, select "File|File Import..." to convert the text file to Mimosa Site Licence format (.mfw)

In any case, you can always revert back to the traditional Mimosa format and use both applications side by side, when necessary. Note that when you convert your Mimosa Pro file back to Mimosa, the codes, which exceed 15 characters, are automatically truncated.

You can download and install Mimosa Pro evaluation version from this link:


  • Clipboard formats: 40+
  • Code lengths: 15 characters [Mimosa Pro: 20 characters]
  • Events (courses, meetings, activities etc): 8,191 [Mimosa Pro: 16,383 events]
  • Days in each week: 7
  • Menu selections: 700+
  • Name lengths: 200 characters
  • Number of codes (resources plus events): 8,191 [Mimosa Pro: 16,383 codes]
  • Resources attached to each event: 240
  • Resources (groups, teachers, rooms etc): 8,191 [Mimosa Pro: 16,383 codes]
  • Simultaneous users on several workstations: unlimited in Mimosa Site Licence or Mimosa Pro
  • Slots in each day: 30
  • Sorting criteria for events and resources: 32
  • Terms or weeks in each file: 255
  • Timetables in each file: 300,000 (approximately)
  • Timetable slots in each file: 400,000,000 (approximately)
  • Undo and redo steps: 2,000
  • Week lengths: 255

Suitable for:

  • All school types
  • Colleges
  • Conferences
  • Companies
  • Employee scheduling
  • High schools
  • Kindergarten
  • Military units
  • Organisations
  • Resource management
  • Room scheduling
  • Specialized schools
  • Trade fairs
  • Universities
  • User-definable resources
  • Vocational institutes
  • Work shift scheduling

Data transfer options:

  • Automatic backup of files
  • Clipboard support to import, add and export all data
  • MS Outlook Calendar compatible (.csv, .vcs, .ics conversions)
  • Merging, importing and exporting files of other Mimosa users
  • MS Excel compatible
  • MS Outlook compatible
  • Open Office compatible
  • PeopleSoft compatible
  • Split of master file into separate files
  • Text file support to import, add and export all data
  • Web calendar and mobile device compatible (.csv, .vcs, .ics conversions)

General features:

  • All day event option
  • Automatic conflict checking and prevention
  • Bird's eye view selections
  • Blocking of previously allocated or scheduled weeks
  • Bookings of timetable slots by all weeks and resource types
  • Bookings of events by weeks or terms
  • Bulk scheduling option
  • Calendar synchronised weeks
  • Campus selection
  • Colours configurable for each event, resource and view
  • Combining of events
  • Comments can be added to each timetable slot
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Copying schedules across events
  • Displaying of currently available resources
  • Duplicating of events and resources
  • Event split by selected criteria
  • Event structures fully editable on the fly
  • Event types fully configurable
  • Exam scheduling option
  • Fonts fully configurable
  • Free email and phone support
  • Group-based and personalised timetables
  • Health check option for automatic file maintenance
  • Instant scheduling option
  • Interactive scheduling
  • Language change on the fly
  • Locking of events by various criteria
  • Manually selectable rooms for each slot separately
  • Memo box for notes to each event and resource
  • Multi-term scheduling with variable term lengths
  • Prerequistities checking for events
  • Replace tools
  • Replication of previous solutions and room selections
  • Resource types fully configurable
  • Role selection
  • Room capacity indicators and comparison
  • Selection optimization
  • Tree view browsing of events
  • Undo and redo in interactive scheduling
  • Unrestricted event structures

Optimisation tools:

  • Automatic allocating of periods to weeks
  • Daily periods balancing tool
  • Efficient timetable compacting optimisation
  • Event selection optimisation
  • Exam scheduling option
  • Initial scheduling solution
  • Quick optimisation
  • Room capacity and room type optimisation
  • Student selection optimisation
  • Timetable optimisation
  • Weighted minimisation of timetable gaps


  • All events in one timetable
  • Clipboard versions of timetables and statistics
  • Compact timetables selections
  • Event schedules
  • Horizontal and vertical layouts of timetables
  • HTML and printed versions of all reports
  • Nine report templates with several configurations
  • Timetable schedules for each resource type
  • Vocabulary in reports fully customisable


  • Automatic view of all linked timetables
  • Block default length selectable
  • Bookmarking and backtracking of timetable changes
  • Copying of timetables across terms and weeks
  • Fully interactive scheduling environment
  • One-click move of blocks
  • Redo and undo up to last 2,000 actions
  • Tooltips for optimal scheduling options
  • What if? tool when scheduling manually

Other tools:

  • Automatic conversion from class to individual timetables
  • Block scheduling schema
  • Capacity bottleneck locator
  • Copying of periods and bookings across weeks or terms
  • Copying of schedules across events
  • Cycling timetables schema
  • Health check option
  • Intake scheduling schema
  • Slot timetables schema
  • Student selection schema

Compatible operating systems and emulators:


  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2003
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows ME
  • Windows 98

Mac OS:


Mimosa file characteristics:

Mimosa binary files (.mfw) containing all required information for scheduling are small, effective compressed and fast to access. Due to compression, each timetable in a Mimosa takes on average 4.58 bytes. Below is a summary of key statistical features of 458 Mimosa files received from users:

Feature Average Min Max
Number of timetables 15,448.85 0 196,759
File size (bytes) 70,774.44 3,801 567,076
Bytes per timetable 4.58 - -
Number of resources 215.31 0 1,297
Number of events 431.05 0 3,803
Events per resources 2.00 - -
Time periods 9.89 1 30
Weeks 4.77 1 53