View Summary

Mimosa provides four different views of your scheduling data (Resources view, Events view, Weeks view and Timetables view). Each view is targetted to a specific aspect of scheduling: the Resources view is used to manage the resources for which you want to create timetables, the Events view is used to manage the events that will appear on your resources' timetables, the Weeks view is used to plan when events should be scheduled and the Timetables view is used to actually schedule the events. Shortcuts are also provided in each view via the menu bar and context menus to allow you to, for example, schedule events directly from the Resources view so you don't always need to switch views to complete tasks in the most efficient manner.

You can switch views using the central buttons in the toolbar at the top of the main window:

Below you can see a thumbnail image of what you might see in each view. Click the images or the links under Mimosa views on the left for a more complete description of each view.





As an alternative to using the view buttons, you can change the view by selecting the Next view, Previous view or a specific view from the Window menu. There are also keyboard shortcuts [Ctrl+F6] and [Shift+Ctrl+F6] for switching to the Next view and Previous view respectively.

Views cannot be closed, but it is possible to resize, move or minimise them. Mimosa remembers the last used screen layout (plus colours and fonts) and applies it when Mimosa is invoked again.

Mimosa top level menu summary

Mimosa functionality is grouped under 7 main menus: File, Edit, View, Tools, Options, Window and Help. The content of the Edit and View menus varies according to the current view, whereas the other menu selections (File, Tools, Options, Window and Help) remain similar in all four views. The contents of all menus are listed below:







Resources view Events view Weeks view Timetables view


Resources view Events view Weeks view Timetables view