Selecting events or resources in the Selection window

The Selection window allows you to select Events or Resources for the next operation you are going to perform. The window is opened as the first step, or can be opened as an optional step, in many operations so you can, for example, include only a selected set of resources in a report, print or copy to the Clipboard only events of a certain category or extract only a subset of your data to another file.

An item is selected if it has a checkmark on. You can check and uncheck individual items by clicking them with your mouse and you can select or deselect all items belonging to specific categories by checking the appropriate categories from the list on the right.

Techniques for selecting items from the list box:

If you want to check or uncheck all items in a range (instead of checking them individually), right click on the selection box to show a pop-up menu with the following options:

Select the first and the last item from the list with "Select the first item" and "Select the last item". After selecting the both you can either check or uncheck all items in the selected range.


All selects all categories and all codes. By default, all codes have been selected.

Clear clears all selections. If you like to select codes only by Links, it is advisable to first clear all current selections.

Invert reverses all current selections. This enables you to split the code selections into two disjoint sets. In some cases it is easier to first define those codes that should not be included and then reverse the selection.

Links selects the codes by links to selected events or resources. If the criteria is to select events, it might be easier to select them which contain specific resources (such as classes). In this case, when you have selected Links, a new window is displayed where you can pick the resources having the desired events. The selected events will be then be added to the current selection, and the technique works in similar manner in the case then resources are selected via their event links.

Mask selects codes that match a given code mask by using ? as wildcard (for example, M?ri??? picks Maria and Marilyn, but not Mary).

Info displays more information of the currently selected event or resource.

Fields displays either full length names or truncated names and periods of the codes.

Lock enables to lock and unlock events based on the state their checkmarks in this selection as follows:

If you have locked at least one event, you have also the option to include in the selection either Locked, Unlocked or All events. This option overrides all other previous selections.