Event info browser

The Event info browser allows you to browse and navigate all events, resources and timetable slots in a tree outline. You can view the elements of your schedule from any angle: by events, resources or time. You can change the current tree view by first selecting some element in the box and then clicking the Select button. This changes the current item to the parent item (or node) of the tree and displays all dependent items from it. [Double-click] a node of the tree to either Expand its child branches or Collapse to hide its child branches.

The browser is opened from the View menu (View|Event info in the Events view, Weeks view and Timetables view or View|Resource info in the Resources view).

You can browse from resources to events or vice versa, then view and edit their contents when edit is enabled. Click the Edit? button at the top right of the window to start to edit the current event or resource. You cannot create any new resources or events, nor delete an existing one.

You can also right-click the outline to activate the pop-up menu with the following commands:

  • Select this: makes the current branch active
  • Expand all: expands all branches of the outline
  • Collapse all: collapses all branches of the outline
  • Go to top: outline containing all resources and events
  • Events: outline of the current event
  • Resources: outline of the current resource
  • Time: outline of all weeks and time periods
  • Previous code: outline of the previous code
  • Next code: outline of the next code


Edit? enables editing of the active code

Select activates the current branch

Back goes back to previous selection

Previous activates the previous code

Next activates the next code

Copy copies the current outline to the Clipboard: