Cycling timetables

Cycling timetables (or Rotating timetables) is here a special setting where the user wants to create timetables for a number of days (n) that is larger than the days in a week. Often n is not a multiple of the days in a week. This selection generates an extra set of n timetable weeks (in Weeks view) where each of these n days will appear in turn so that finally each of them appears as often as any other. Mimosa enables you to use n=31 cycles (maximum), but in most cases this number is much smaller.

Mimosa offers many different ways to schedule your events in recurring patterns. If Cycling timetables does not suit your needs then you should also consider Block scheduling, Bulk scheduling, Intake scheduling or copying pre-scheduled days (Edit|Copy daily schedules in Events view) or weeks (Edit|Copy week and Edit|Paste week in Weeks view).

The reason behind applying cycling timetables is that there are too many events to fit in a single weekly timetable to represent all needed events of the planning horizon. This same result can be achieved in different methods of Mimosa (in Weeks view), but using cycling timetables enables using same daily timetables over again, which reduces the scheduling effort and which may be more familiar. Cycling timetables means just repeatedly and systematically copying of the schedules of individual days of the source weeks to the days of the destination weeks, which are used for cycling timetables.

This tool can also be found in Weeks view, from the selection Edit|Paste Week Special...|5 Single day from week to week, in case you want to copy each day in turn.

In the sample below, the contents of Thursday is copied to Tuesday, Friday and Tuesday of the following week, and from Thursday to Thursday of the following week.

First you have to create the first sample weeks, which contain all required events. The number of the days in week must be the same as in the resulting cycling timetable weeks. The number of the sample weeks is often 2 or 3.

Suppose you have five (5) days in a week and your event offering requires using nine (9) days. Each day will be used equal number of times, in this case, the total number of weeks required is 45 (9/5). You first create the timetables for the first two weeks, days 1-5 in the first week (Monday-Friday), and days 6-9 in the second week (Monday-Thursday). In Options|Limits, you have to set the number of maximum weeks at least to 2 beforehand and allocate the periods to two weeks. In the case you need more weeks, change the limit accordingly.

In this case you obviously need 9 extra weeks plus the two first weeks where the 9 event days are stored to create the set of cycling timetables. This all is done automatically. When you have given the number of cycles (9) and ensured that you have first created the sample weeks for the 9 timetable days in the first weeks, Mimosa prompts you to confirm the given input and finally displays a map of the timetables across weeks, like below. The first 2 weeks are used to store the original timetables and the new 9 weeks contain now all published cycling timetables, created automatically from the days of the first two sample weeks.

When you invoke Tools|Cycling timetables, and you have assigned your events to first weeks, Mimosa asks you to select the number of the cycles you are going to create:

After you have selected this number, Mimosa asks next to confirm the number of the first weeks you have used to represent all needed events:

The next step is to allow Mimosa to create the set of the cycling timetables to the upcoming weeks:

As the final step, Mimosa displays how different days are mapped from the sample days to the upcoming days. Click [OK] to accept the proposed arrangement. Click [Remove] button to remove special days from the list without disturbing the intended cycle and [Copy] to copy this list to the Clipboard for your reference.

Note that in Weeks view, you can copy the timetable form any day of week to another week and to the same or different day of week. Click first the week which you want to use as the source week and select Edit|Copy week. Click next the destination week and select Edit|Paste week Special...|Single day from week to week. Finally you select the source and destination day of week to start copying.

You can manage timetables in Mimosa with the help of 10 alternative scheduling tools. Select from this link the most appropriate and effective tool for your scheduling requirements.