Mimosa Scheduling Software 4.27.5 Review

All big institutions must be very well organized if you want to keep them running appropriately, especially the ones having a lot of factors to depend on. If we are talking about a big school, university or any such similar institutions, you need a really good software application to help you fill in all the blanks and make a perfect timetable for all those involved in the daily activity like the students, teachers, professors and so on. Students attend different course taught by different teachers and they need a certain room or hall for every class or course. You canít just try to do things right, you must make them. I am talking about the person who is responsible with the timetable. Until the computers appeared and special timetable software was developed to help them, it was a really ugly work , just like trying to match a thousand little pieces in a puzzle.

Mimosa Scheduling Software 4.27.5 is the perfect tool for you if you work in one of the above mentioned institutions or any other institution where you need a rigorous schedule of the inside activities that depend on a series of factors. The format is pretty flexible, that is why you can adapt this software application to work for all kinds of institutions when you need to schedule some seminars, training activities in order to make them fit the schedule of the people involved , too. There is no language restriction because you can fill in the variables yourself in your own language. The application in written in English, however.

The Finnish developer of this software application, Mimosa Software Ltd did a great job, making it really easy for the user to manage even a big number of variables. Mimosa Scheduling Software 4.27.5 that help the user benefit from choosing this application. First of all if you fill in all the restrictions and conditions, you will get a timetable without conflicts that will satisfy everybody. Then you have the possibility to block the weeks that already passed in order not to mess things up. Then you can synchronize the courses with the calendar , the period of time they have to cover and the resources available Ė for example you canít choose the same classroom twice for the same hour interval if it has already been booked.

The interface and also the resulting timetables are very intuitive as the application uses a different color for each course , so you have a pretty clear picture when you watch the timetable and want to follow a certain class or teacher. But the variables are not necessarily very fix and unchangeable, so you can change the structure of a course for example at midterm. If you have to insert a new course or activity some time later, you have the possibility to be displayed all the time and resources available in order to see what you have available. You can choose to have customized timetables for a group or for a certain person and you can choose to combine the manual and automatic choice of a certain room or another factor. You can choose a different language for each separate slot and you can lock a certain course or the timetable for a certain teacher if that is satisfying and change only the rest of the table.

Any way the point is that this application is a very useful tool, especially for those institutions that have a big staff and lots of activities to be done, so if you want everything to work smoothly and in time, you should consider purchasing it.

Loredana Sava