Editor's words


Anyone who has ever had any work done in a school environment knows the sheer amount of organizational difficulties that are encountered on a daily basis. Even for small scale schools with a hundred or so students, school staff needs to organize groups, classes, assign teachers, assign equipment and teaching resources that every teacher needs for his or her classes, assign them all to classrooms and then repeat the whole process for groups of students of varying age and knowledge level groups.

And, of course, there are student/parent meetings, extracurricular activities, plays, concerts and so on. It is no wonder that several people need to dedicate their time just to successfully complete all these goals. Increase the number of students to, say, thousand, as is the case in public schools or universities, and the organizational side can easily turn into a nightmare.

The application

Mimosa is here to help, and it does it magnificently. Even though on first start of the program it may seem overwhelming, due to the fact that there are hundreds of options available, its use is actually very straight-forward. The whole program is divided into four major sections: resources, where all the items are listed, events, where users create how the items will be used, weeks, where user enters when they will be used, and timetables, where all of the entered data can be easily reviewed.

To get Mimosa to help, user needs to enter all the data available, such as names of students, teachers, classes or groups, and list all the resources and equipment that may be used during classes and the classrooms available. All of this is done in the resources panel. This data is further read and used by Mimosa during the process of events creation, where a user decides what is needed for which event. Events can be exams, tests, classes, concerts, or whatever a user needs they are fully customizable.

After this basic data has been entered, all that remains is to decide when each of these are needed in a weekly scheduler. The process is very simple, user just selects all that is needed for an event for example, teacher, classroom, teacher resources and a group of students and select when this is needed a one- time thing or on a weekly basis. Mimosa automatically creates a schedule and lists the availability of other items, to help clear what is being used when, which is very useful when a school needs to allocate large amounts of resources.

Schedules can easily be shared with other users: staff of students, both online through Mimosa (and other) website, or in a printed form. This makes it easier to instantaneously inform others of the newly created school schedule.

Final words

Mimosa is a juggernaut in a tiny package. It is a very powerful and professional tool with a vast amount of options, which make it useful for any school or organization. Their site boasts of 600+ options, of which only major and most important are listed here, and those alone should make any school administration take Mimosa seriously.