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Mimosa Software Ltd. is a privately owned Finnish company, founded in 1986. The main focus of this company is in development of Mimosa Scheduling Software, designed for all kinds of educational institutes, companies and organisations worldwide. We also conduct tailored seminars and consult in scheduling related issues.

We provide both the Single-User and Site Licence versions of Mimosa Scheduling Software. The freeware and trial versions allow users to utilise almost all the features of the commercial version, free of charge.

Today Mimosa Scheduling Software is delivered to all kinds of schools - from kindergartens to universities - in over 80 countries and on all continents:

Marketing of the software is focused on this website. Most of our clients have found it by using suitable search terms and, after downloading and evaluating the trial version of Mimosa, have decided to order it. For us this is a positive indicator that the software sells itself, and so on-site tuition is not required, although we provide also tailored training and consultation by request.

The number of new countries and the number of clients are currently increasing at a rapid rate and the number of different environments in which the software is being used is proving the software's versatility and flexibility. Many universities which set high standards for their solutionss have selected Mimosa. The total number of Nobel laureates in the universities using Mimosa as their scheduling solution has exceeded 100, counted by university affiliations (either as a student, alumnus/alumna, researcher, or faculty).

Mimosa is also the market leader, for instance, in Finnish polytechnic institutes which often have thousands students in different locations and it has also been used to manage large international congresses with more than 2000 attendants and 1000 publications, requiring only a fraction of Mimosa's capacity. Mimosa is used in several companies and it can be configured for workforce scheduling and can handle complicated team tasks such as theatre rehearsals.

Our scheduling solutions are used also in the companies below:

Services related to Mimosa

Efficient utilisation of the Internet plus our low operating costs have enabled us to provide free lifelong upgrades, plus free email and phone support for our Mimosa Scheduling Software clients. This is an important long-run factor when selecting the most inexpensive software and service.

We also provide on-site training and consultation in Mimosa-related issues. You can suggest the most suitable date(s) here or simply email us. Depending on your needs and location, we can also suggest one of our associates or clients to conduct the training.

We also create tailored data transfer applications, which tie your spreadsheet models and/or administration application databases to Mimosa, in order to eliminate the need to input the same data several times and to ensure that the information stays intact.

Other services and specialities

Besides scheduling applications, we also create desktop software applications for the special needs of companies and organisations. The core competency is solving challenging tasks for cases where standard applications do not fit or are inefficient to use. Our specialities and cases are typically demanding number crunching problems, requiring either deep mathematical or statistical analysis or just common sense, but always understanding its business impact. We use the tools that best fit the given problem and share the results in a clear and understandable way.

We create optimisation solutions and applications not only in scheduling, but also in human resource planning, logistics and manufacturing. We use standard methodologies of operations research, heursitics and simulation, depending on the requirements and what is appropriate regarding the time and monetary constraints. Methods of Artifical Intelligence and statistical analysis related to Big data andalysis are also familiar. The goal in all solutions is to create best possible method to reach the desired solution, with respect defined goals.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is also one of our areas of expertise. We will provide you tailored tools and methods how to analyse your page and help you in improving your page visibility and Google Page Rank (position in Google search results). Without our knowledge about search engine optimisation tools, you might perhaps never have found this page.

We also conduct marketing surveys, analyse customer responses and loyalty with the help of NPS (Net Promoter Score) or similar techniques. We help you to find the root causes of customer delight or rejection from their quantitative and qualitative responses and analyse the reliability of the results. One of our related specialities is usability studies of websites and desktop applications. We have a proven track record of successfully completing projects of different sizes and complexity, on time and at the right cost.

Finland Chamber of Commerce: The Medal of 30 Years of Service

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Repubic of Lithuania: Certificate of Appreciation

Mimosa Software Ltd. is a reliable business associate.
The company is owned by its 100% committed staff. Robust applications and solutions, good service and short delivery times have been and will be our trademarks. Today Mimosa Software Ltd. has been a zero debt and profitable company over 30 years in a row, recently awarded also by the Finland Chamber of Commerce. Earlier our company was awarded by the The Ministry of Education and Science of the Repubic of Lithuania with the Certificate of Appreciation.

Contact information:

Vesa Saario
CEO, Ph.D.
Company website: Mimosa Software Ltd.
Email: info@mimosasoftware.com
Phone: +358 50 482 1083
Company ID: FI 06490194
ANID (Ariba ID): AN01014621287
DUN and Bradstreet Number (DUNS): 40-199-5204