Mimosa Scheduling Software Timetable Viewer web add-on

The Timetable Viewer allows your scheduling data users to view the timetable of any course, set of courses, teacher, group, room or other entity that you have defined as an event or resource in Mimosa just by changing the web address (URL) used to access the add-on. The application generates web pages to show the HTML timetable data generated by the Schedule Data Server (SDS). Each timetable is represented by its own web address so your staff and students can bookmark their important timetables in any web browser. You can then update the schedule in Mimosa, publish it to the SDS with one click and the latest data will automatically be shown the next time the user loads their timetable. You don't even need to worry about how to inform your staff or students how to find their timetables, the Timetable Index and other Mimosa web add-ons automatically generate the needed web addresses.

The Timetable Viewer supports multiple schedules e.g. for different departments of your organization or for different periods of the year. If your schedules vary each week the Timetable Viewer will include a week selector in the page so the user can view the timetable week by week. You can also choose to view just a single week. A button is included for displaying the calendar feed (an SDS query) the user should configure in in his or her PC, mobile or web calendar application to be able to view the timetable as entries in the calendar. Timetables can be viewed with days as rows or columns according to user preference. Click on the links below to see some examples:

The application configuration allows you to change the language or modify the texts used in the web pages. With a little HTML and CSS knowledge you can customize the appearance of the timetable and the page that surrounds it. You can decide which controls to include and where to put them in the page.

The Timetable Viewer is a plain PHP application that places no special requirements on your web server. You get all the code and are free to modify and adapt it any way you want. We just ask that you don't redistribute it, or your modified versions, to anyone else! The add-on is included in the Schedule Data Server download package.