Mimosa Scheduling Software Timetable Index web add-on

The Timetable Index provides 3 ways to access your timetables.

There is a simple web index that first provides a selection for the types of timetables that you want to make available. Once the user has selected the timetable type a second selection opens that allows the user to select a particular timetable. When a timetable has been selected the corresponding links for the timetable are shown, both to the Timetable Viewer so the user can view the timetable week by week in a web browser and to the Schedule Data Server for a calendar feed so the user can synchronise the timetable with their personal calendar application. Click for a demo...

You can provide an index to any of your schedules just by changing the URL used to access it. You can decide which types of timetable to make available and you can change the language and headings on the index page just by changing the add-on configuration. With a little HTML and CSS knowledge, you can customise the page style and layout to look just the way you want. We also offer customization services if you would like us to provide you with a custom design to match your organization's web style.

The index is also available through simple web controls that you can cut and paste into your own web pages and style as you wish. All you need to do is add the example snipets of HTML into your web pages to add controls like those below.

Finally, for web developers, the index is also available as a JavaScript object that can be used to find all the timetables you decide to publish. For every timetable the index provides the correct web address (URL) for retrieving the timetable data from the Scheduling Data Server in each of the available formats.

Just like all our other add-ons, the Timetable Index is a plain PHP application that places no special requirements on your web server. You get all the code and are free to modify and adapt it any way you want. We just ask that you don't redistribute it, or your modified versions, to anyone else! The add-on is included in the Schedule Data Server download package.