Mimosa Scheduling Software Course Registration web add-on

The Course Registration add-on allows your students to select and register for the courses they want from your schedule. The add-on extends the functionality of the Timetable Builder by providing the user with the option to send a registration request for the courses they have selected. After the registration request has been sent the student gets links to the Schedule Data Server for the courses they have selected so they can bookmark the timetable in their web browser or add the timetable to their calendar and thus stay up to date with any schedule changes you upload later.

The registration requests are sent in the form of an email to the course administrator. You can easily configure which details need to be collected for registration, the email address (or addresses) the registration requests should be sent to and the format of the data that is sent in the email. With a little HTML and CSS knowledge you can customise any of the web pages that are displayed.

To try the basic Course Registration add-on just enter your email address below and click the Go button. Select some courses, fill in the requested information and then check your email for the registration request.

The Course Registration add-on is a plain PHP application that places no special requirements on your web server. You get all the code and are free to modify and adapt it any way you want. We just ask that you don't redistribute it, or your modified versions, to anyone else! The add-on is included in the Schedule Data Server download package.