Mimosa Scheduling Software web add-ons

You can provide extra value for the users of your scheduling data and save yourself a lot more time and effort by extending Mimosa with our add-on Schedule Data Server and other web applications.

With the Schedule Data Server (SDS) you can publish your scheduling data on the web with a single click from Mimosa. Instead of using Mimosa to generate the reports, timetables or calendar feeds you want and then uploading them yourself to your web server, the SDS only requires you to upload a single file, all the rest is handled online. Publishing your scheduling data is so easy you can keep your staff and students up to date with the latest changes as they happen.

The SDS supports all the most common web data formats. Your scheduling data is available in HTML format for viewing in web pages, in iCalendar format for viewing in PC, web and mobile calendar applications such as MS Outlook, Google Calendar or iCal, and in JSON or XML format for easy integration with your management systems and other web applications. The possibilities for re-using your scheduling data are endless!

Multiple schedules, for different times of the year or for different departments of your organisation, can be hosted on the server at the same time and there are no limits on the number of users that can be allowed to upload to the server. The Schedule Data Server can support the needs of even the largest school or university.

The SDS is delivered with four web applications, a Timetable Viewer that provides web pages for viewing the HTML timetable data generated by the SDS, a Timetable Index that provides your users with easy ways to discover the timetables you have published, a Timetable Builder that uses the data provided by the SDS to enable users to create a custom timetable from your scheduling data and a Course Registration add-on that extends this even further by allowing users to register for the courses they have selected. Follow the links to the applications' own pages to see how they work.

All Mimosa web add-ons are free to download for all new and existing Mimosa customers. They are plain PHP applications that place no special requirements on your web servers. You get all the code and are free to modify and adapt it any way you want. We just ask that you don't redistribute it, or your modified versions, to anyone else! Note that the code is provided as-is, without warranty or support.

'I have been using Mimosa for the past 9 years and have been really satisfied with the software. Our very complicated timetabling needs were quite easy to fulfill with Mimosa but, after using the Mimosa Timetable Builder web add-on, I realized that only now do I have the perfect tool for timetabling. Now students can customize their own timetables. This makes better use of our teaching resources and allows students to graduate faster. Thanks!' --- S. Kivisaari, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Finland